GST for Cork and Cork products

Rate of GST payable on Cork articles and Cork

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Cork and articles of cork falls under HSN code chapter 45 of GST commodity tariff schedule.  The details about GST rate changes on sale of Cork and articles of cork are being updated here.  The notification changes on exemptions for GST for sale of Cork and articles of cork and other circulars related to GST for Cork and Cork products are updated in this website.


Update on 18th May, 2017: GST rates on goods



1. GST HSN chapter code 4501 Natural cork, raw or simply prepared.



All goods not specified elsewhere

1. GST HSN chapter code 4501 Waste cork; crushed, granulated or ground cork.

2. GST HSN chapter code 4502 Natural cork, debacked or roughly squared, or in rectangular (including square) blocks, plates, sheets or strip (including sharp-edged blanks for corks or stoppers).

3. GST HSN chapter code 4503 Articles of natural cork such as Corks and Stoppers, Shuttlecock cork bottom.

4. GST HSN chapter code 4504 Agglomerated cork (with or without a binding substance) and articles of agglomerated cork.]


Revised GST Rates on 21st July, 2018

                                                                                              Present rate    new rate

4503 90 90           Art ware of cork [including articles of             18%             12 %

4504 90                sholapith]


GST for Cork and Cork products

In India, GST is payable on Cork articles and Cork.  However, some of the categories business under HSN code 45 are expected to be exempted from paying GST.  The list of exempted commodities and services under GST is expected to be released soon.



Goods and Service Tax (GST) rate tariff in India is designed in 6 categories of goods and services.  Four main GST rate slabs framed with Essential goods and services, Standard goods and services and luxury goods and services with 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% respectively.  Commonly used Goods and Services at 5%, Standard Goods and Services fall under 1st slab at 12%, Standard Goods and Services fall under 2nd Slab at 18% and Special category of Goods and Services including luxury - 28%.   The most essential goods and services attract nil rate of GST under Exempted Categories.     Luxury goods and services and certain specific goods and services   attract additional cess than 28% GST.


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The above information about GST rate on commodities under HSN code mentioned above commonly clarifies on questions explained under:

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