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Help for GST Migration, a simple demo from cbec
    Easy demo to help tax payers for migration to GST     As you are aware,  the procedures for migration to GST for existing tax payers opened by GST common portal.  Here below an easy and simple ppt presentation issued by CBEC to help existing tax payers for migrate to GST:   Click here to download ppt presentation by CBEC to help tax payers for migrate to GST:   GST Migration help.pptx     Continue reading »
Is GST applicable for EOUs in India?
Is GST applicable for EOUs in India? GST and EOU in India The prime importance of Export Oriented Units is duty free movement of goods. However, once after introduction of GST in India, how does GST work under import of goods to Export Oriented Units?  (updating soon) What is the earliest date can be mentioned on Bill of Lading. Can BL date and let export date be same day? What is the Procedure for importing goods through Post o Continue reading »
Latest time to rectify omitted invoice details by supplier for restoration of entry under GST.
Latest time to rectify omitted invoice details by supplier for restoration of entry under GST. If any discrepancy on uploading invoice, filing GST return, omission of supply details after paying GST or without paying GST, such mistakes have to be rectified and restored by September for all transactions of previous financial year. This post explains about the rectification of mismatch of entries under GSTR1 and GSTR2 and solution to restore such omitted invoice details. Would you like t Continue reading »
GST on reverse charges is Input Tax in India
  What is reverse charges under GST in India? Can GST paid on reverse charge be considered as input tax? As per GST Law, the definition of input tax includes the tax payable under sub-section (3) of section 7 (Reverse Charge). The credit can be availed if such goods and/or services are used, or are intended to be used, in the course or furtherance of his business. So, the GST on reverse charges is considered as Input Tax.   Does GST registration number of my firm Continue reading »
How to prepare a challan online for GST payment in India?
    Guidelines to generate GST challan by online.   GST payment guidelines for tax payers in India   Can GST tax challan can be temporarily save in computer system? Is modification of Challan for GST allowed? How long is valid for a GST challan generated by computer system in India? Can partially filled challan can be temporarily saved? As per GST Law in India, a taxpayer can partially fill in the challan form and temporarily save the challan f Continue reading »

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