No Bank realization Certificate BRC required for Indian Exporters


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Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) or Bank Realization Certificate (BRC) is not required to be submitted by exporters now to claim benefits from Director General of Foreign Trade. As per the new developments, the details of inward remittance is linked with the software system of DGFT, where in the details are electronically transferred.

No Bank realization Certificate BRC required for Indian Exporters copy

Here the benefit for exporter is, need not to wait to get the hard copy of Bank Realization Certificate from the respective bank to submit with Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to claim for their benefit under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP).

This is a good movement initiated by the authorities to save time and money on the procedures for exporters. Discuss.  Also read   Difference between BRC and FIRC

Update 06th April, 2015.


One prominent initiative in recent times has been the e-BRC (Electronic Bank Realization Certificate) project and its successful implementation by DGFT. It has enabled DGFT to capture details of realization of export proceeds directly from the Banks through secured electronic mode. This has facilitated the implementation of various export promotion schemes without any physical interface with the stake holders. So far more than one crore e-BRCs have been captured by this system.



The above information is a part of Export Import Training online

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mahadev: Dear Sir/Mam I am a trading exporter and exporting the goods without any dbk or other benefits. Should i can brc from my bank is it necessary for me? Please guide me and also please confirm what process i should follow-ups to show that the incoming foreign currency into my company account is against so and so shipping bill. Best Regards Mahadev

Rohit Sharma: Dear Mahadev, You can avail the benefits of the drawback, if that item which you are exporting is listed in the Drawback can Google it. You can also tell your CHA to tell you about the drawbacks since they know about it. You can prove the exports made by your company to the bank by providing the bank Bill of Lading. Also open EEFC Account with the bank to show the bank the dollars you bring through your business. You can keep the dollars as it is or convert it to INR currency.

CHARRANN: dear sir, if we dont claim any drawback on our exports,is it still required to get a BRC issued from the bank. thank you

mahadev prasad: Dear Sir i don,t have FIRC Then how i can claim brc from my bank and if i don,t claim brc then what is the harm and can custom hold my shipment?

mahadev prasad: Dear Sir I have my company account in PNB and my buyer send the payment via sbi throgh NEFT in my pn account And due to this i did not received FIRC And now PNB Saying to get BRC From sbi and sbi saying that it can be release only by pnb. can you please help me that who will release brc to me.

Vijay Pratap Singh: Dear Sir, I have problem for some banks issue e BRCs part - part basis as per received realization but some bank issue e BRCs upon full realization of export bill. If any guidelines against related to issuance of e BRCs for final realization will issue e BRCs , please provide. Regards

MUKESH: dear sir,we are expoter & exporting the wood material we are some payment receive in INR but we are not getting firc from bank our payment credited in my account through rtgs my party some pay payment through forex card whan i confirmed the bank than bank issue utr ref no some utr no like citixxxxx for example than i contect city bank & citi bank provide firc but some utr ref no show punbmurxxxx for example means pnb should be provide my firc but pnb not found this problam please suggest me how can i get firc.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Mukesh, This is a common problem in accounting realisation of amount against exports. However, you need to consult your authorized banker about procedures to receive amount against your export invoice, so as to enable you to account properly to answer with RBI or necessary government authorities.

chandan mukherjee: want to know how iwill get bank realization certificate for export from bank please tell me about this matter

balaji: please click website for see the BRC format. Type all the required fields, put seal and sign and submit it to your concerned bank where you receive foreign payment into your account.


balamurali: hi,how can i get duplicate exchange control copy . i have missed one ec copy .how can i submit to bank & get ebrc

PRAVIN LUNIA: How can I get my duplicate copy of SDF/GR for getting the BRC. Is it essential for getting the BRC ?

Mahesh: Sir, What is BRC Utilization status? On the ebrc website all of the brcs that are realized are showing BRC Utilization Status as available? Can they be used in any way? Thanks in advance Regards Mahesh

Sanjay Satwani : I am into export business. But due to certain third party transactions and other reasons, I am unable to submit documents for issuing eBRC as some documents unavailable. I want to know is it really an issue for us. Is there any penalty that the RBI will impose for not issuing or submitting documents.

Manishh S Verma: Dear i am working in Trading company. Now they are planning to export to Canada. They have only IEC No.I want to know that what is the document required for expoet for trading company and also should we open a separate account for calming the duty draw bank either we can get the duty drawback in any bank out of PNB.

SURESH: Dear Sir, We are exporters of Areca Leaf plates! Kindly guide me for the following: (1) I receive Inward remittance by SWIFT and i have received FIRC. Bank is taking more time and avoiding to issue e-brc. Can i claim incentive under MEIS using the FIRC (2) Some of my payments are being made by International RTGS. How do i get FIRC or e-brc. KINDLY GUIDE ME, THANKS AND REGARDS, SURESH

ARVIND: Hello Sirs, I am a exporter, I have received advance payments against export in INR from an Australian Company through Bank RTGS method. I made Invoice in $AUD (rather than INR)and send the goods by Air Cargo to the Australian Company. We always takes Foreign Currency and submit all necessary details at Bank for an E-BRC. We do not take any drawback on exports (else the above matter). Will you please tell me something in detail that if in a case we receives any payment in INR rather than foreign Currency so in that case how to settle INR payment against export ? I will wait for your soonest response, you can email me too.

ANU: Dear Sir/Madam, i want to know that, can we do correction in brc? actually we showed the wrong amount for FIRC, which bears the lose of 100000/-. please help me out asap thanks

GK SAXENA: Dear sir, (1)if we don't claim any drawback on our exports,is it still required to get a BRC issued from the bank. (2) if we don't claim any drawback on our exports from 1.4.15 to 30.9.15, can we claim now. thank you

bhavesh patel: hello sir,how to i get BRC in case of not mention importer's name on commercial invoice ????

Gurubhetti S.R.: We are exporting our product to ABC situated at Finland, Netherlands.ABC is group of compnay. While releasing the payment XYZ/ EFG of ABC release the payment.In this case Bankers says that this is third party payment.Bankers are asking for clearification without which they can't release BRC. Is there any notification to come out of this situation.

G.R.Selat: sir we are exporter from Gujarat we also exports goods. payment received in our bank . bank also BRC upload but when i claim for MEIS scheme that time not show BRC upload. now what can i do? b/r G.R.Selat

Nasir Ahmed Shaik : This is Nasir from Andhra Pradesh and i am new to this field and i want to know about the manual BRCs. I know that the Manual BRC's are up to 17-08-2012 from 18-08-2012 there are E BRC's. 1) If manual BRC's file how to get the information about those BRC's 2) If not file how to file 3) what are the document to be required 4) what are the forms to be filled

AV Imaging Supplies : PLs let me regarding the SAMPLE Policy in India for import in IT Sector, how many Sample we can import in 1 year for Personal use and what is the Maxm cost of Sample which we can Import. Also, is paying China Supplier by PAYPAL considered Legal or do we have to do T/t, as our amount is very small only %$ 50 each time ,as we cannot keep Stocks. Pls clear my doubts regarding these two queries. I wil be very grateful

Zahidali M Saiyed: Our exporter's client stationed at USA Debited their A/c by USD 6216 by their Bank. But due to some arrangement with Exporters' Bank and their Client Bank. Bank received the funds in INR. Here the question who will issue FIRC and since we have received the funds in INR, can FIRC issued in INR ? Please guide in the given matter.

Thomas: This article will help you to get a FIRC for the PayPal transactions from CitiBank N.A. Visit :

jb: Hi Whether FIRCs are not mandatory to be issued by banker now. We are an EOU unit and we need to submit FIRC & BRC for cenvat refund. How should we proceed . pls suggest?

R PERIASWMY: Our Company exported goods to some foreign countries. Now the company's status is changed from Private Ltd to Ltd. We have to receive some funds from foreign buyers for the company private Ltd. We are using one bank for Pvt Ltd company. After the status changed we have changed our Bank.Shall we get remittance of old shipments in the previous Bank. Pl. clarify and answer to my E-Mail ID pl.

Mohit Maheshwari : I am exporter of handicraft business. I want to know that what benefit I can avail from exports and how. I also want to know sir due to the lack of knowledge about export document I didn't submit my export document to my bank for brc. Now I have submitted some document related to 2014-15 for brc in which payment directly come from my bank and for other document I need firc copy because payment come other bank to my bank but my bank is taking too much time for providing firc then what can I do. And after getting Brc what use or benefit of that brc I can get.

Kannan.C : Please note we have obtained debit letter from our bank the details of realisation for e-BRC the same is enclosed for your kind reference. Since we have not obtained the e-BRC from the dgft website. Hence we request your advice how we can get the e-BRC.

venkat: Sir, Since you have mentioned EBRC is not required for claiming benefits from DGFT. Is there any notification/circular to this effect ?. Please share the link, so that I can download the same.

Nageshwar Prasad Singh: Sir, want to know that we have rendered (Pipeline Installation Service) in abroad and realiazed payment in USD. May we get brc agaisnt FIRC.

Preeti Singhal: Hi Whether FIRCs are not mandatory to be issued by banker now. We are an EOU unit and we need to submit FIRC & BRC for cenvat refund. How should we proceed . pls suggest?

Preeti Singhal: Hi Whether FIRCs are not mandatory to be issued by banker now. We are an EOU unit and we need to submit FIRC & BRC for cenvat refund. How should we proceed . pls suggest?

SUJAL VAKIL: Hi we had applied for E-FIRC to BOB and same is generated by them. But when Citi Bank is going to close our BIlls against the said E-FIRC Citi bank is unable to see such FIRC and unable to close Bills. So how can they see those FIRCs.

Rohit Pawar : We are exporters of Industrial pump spare parts under duty drawback scheme. We had made 3 export shipment in the year 2015, but we have not submitted documents to bank for Ebrc process and now bank is asking us for documents. So please let me know is there any compulsion to submit documents and to take ebrc. Even we had received payments for those 3 shipments. Even we had taken all ebrc's for further shipment that took place in year 2016, only 3 ebrc's are pending from 2015. So please confirm is it necessary to take ebrc?

Jitendra singh Chouhan : Dear sir, wr have been doing export business since 2013. as we were new in this field we did not much aware about documentation. recently we have been asked to claim MEIS profit by an agent and when we approached our bank for the same they asked to submit documents to update E-BRC . also the same time we got a mail from RBI to sumbit shipping bill copy in bank. my question is if E-BRC is must required for all export shipment or can we update it only for those shipments under which we are getting MEIS profit. and also shipping bills are must required to submit in bank or not ?? awaiting your reply.

G.Singh: Hello Sir, I just want to know that as mentioned its not necessary to take BRC from Bank. In that case do i still have to submit all documents like FIRC, shipping bill and all other documents to the bank so that BRC is available on DGFT website. Please help me regarding this as i am new into this business and i have not submitted any documents to the bank. Should i submit the documents for getting BRC? Looking forward for help. Thanks

Ravi mehta: Hello sir, We export goods in December 2016. Our client sent us advance payments in part by NEFT in our company bank account. Now our bank refuse to complete our documents saying payment was not through swift, so they unable to give IMT or FIRC certificate. Please guide how to resolve this issue. Thanks

BHARAT DATT: Dear Sir, I have submitted the export docs into the bank for BRC. Bank asking me for Fema declaration. as per my knowledge, FEMA declaration is not require for bank. FEMA declaration is submitted by exporter in customs during clearance. Please suggest.. Thanks Bharat

dinesh: for a consignment shipped to Syria last year, the bank is not accepting documents to file for ebrc. Please could you help and advise a remedial course of action for the same Thank you. Regards.

Adish Jain: We had sent a consignment to NEW ZEALAND for which we had received advance payments. By mistake one payment came through AXIS BANK instead of My Bank (HDFC BANK LTD). Now my bank is asking to contact AXIS BANK to upload the FIRC on EDPMS so that they could clear the BRC. And i have no clue about it as i don't hold any account in AXIS BANK. Please advise what to do ??? thanks and regards

Ankush Gupta: First of all I thank you for providing useful information about import/export on your website. We are a small manufacturing company that also export our products. My query is, do we absolutely need to get BRC issued for every bill even though we do not take any export benefits like duty drawback etc? If we do not get the BRC issued are we liable for penalties by RBI. Our export bills are of small amounts and the bank charges big amount for each BRC.

Harsh Bansal: Dear Sir, We have exported our goods to Iran and we have received payment from Dubai. Our Bank is Indusind Bank. Bank is saying that since you have made Invoice in Usd and received payment in Usd we cannot give you BRC. Bank is saying if the Invoice would have been in AED and payment received should also be in AED we would given you BRC.. What should we do ? Also what will happen if we don't get BRC.

Ankush Gupta: We are a small manufacturing company that also export our products. My query is, do we absolutely need to get BRC issued for every bill even though we do not take any export benefits like duty drawback etc? If we do not get the BRC issued are we liable for penalties by RBI. Our export bills are of small amounts and the bank charges big amount for each BRC.

Kuldip Singh: We are an exporter, and are exporting directly and receive our payments after delivery of exported goods. Since some time a problem has cropped up with our bank in which we receive our forex payments for exported goods. The bank has started blocking our payments recived, by insisting on submitting of export documents to the bank for the goods exported by quoting some RBI Circulars to us. Since we are using this bank only for receiving our forex payments only.We are not taking any credit etc from this bank. Please advice if it is mandatory for a exporter to submit all export documents to bank where he receives his forex payment only.

Ashish: Ebrc or firc is mendatory if we export through e commerce site ? , i dont want any incentive of export still ebrc and firv is compulsary for me to show it in export sale ? Because i recievef paymemt fron paypal in ruppes in my banl account and small amount payments 10 to 50 dollars each ? Please tell me clear answer

Ashish: Sir I want to sale on e commerce sites internationally , small amount transaction 10 to 50 dollar each transaction , I recieved payment from paypal in indian ruppess , i dont need any drawback etc , still i need ebrc or firc because i cant afford for small transactions , is it mefatory ebrc or firc , or i will be get notice by dgft for receiving payments ?

Gem: Dear Ashish, Kindly note that there are several issues for those who are doing retail exports through ecommerce the regular export rules do not apply to ecommerce retail exports since it cant be done through lut/bonds under gst because of several single single shipments valuing just $5-$10 each through courier where there is no sealing of container,port no,bill of lading etc . The govt is still looking into this while major problem is how are ecommerce exports going to be shown in GST returns since there is no column for ecommerce vendors yet and filing date is just days away.

Manoj Bisht : for a consignment shipped to Syria last year and we received collection for the same as well, the bank is not accepting documents to file for ebrc or bill lodgment and now same is outstanding in our EDPMS report. Please could you help and advise a remedial course of action for the same Thank you. Regards.

Shripad Krishna: "Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) or Bank Realization Certificate (BRC) is not required to be submitted by exporters now to claim benefits from Director General of Foreign Trade" Could you please provide a link to the notification/circular for this new development? Would be really grateful! Thank you!

Rbi Brc remoce: Rbi should really remove the brc proces... It really fucks the mind.

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