CFS charges for export and Import - ICD charges for export and Import

CFS charges for export and Import - ICD charges for export and Import


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CFS/ICD charges for export and Import


What does CFS/ICD charges mean in an import export trade?


How does a CFS work in an International trade? What are the procedures and formalities in a customs bonded CFS? Who determines charges on different services in a CFS/ICD?


In each CFS or ICD, a custodian is appointed by customs department of respective country. This custodian has to follow instructions as per guidelines provided by customs. The custodian in a CFS or ICD can be a private party, semi-government authorities, or fully owned government authorities. Such custodian of cargo is responsible to handle the cargo for exports and imports arrived at a customs bonded area.



Once after arrival of goods in a container freight station or Inland container depot, charges on handling, storage, security etc. of such goods are handled by the CFS / ICD authorities, with necessary permission from customs officials. The charges to handle such arrangements are to be paid by the importers, exporters or other users of such CFS / ICD. The tariff on each types of work varies depends up on the nature of job involved in each job. The details of each job and their charges are available on request at each container freight station or Inland container depot. Such details tariff on each jobs are available at each CFS/ICD. The handling charges at each CFS/ICD/Warehouse could be varied from one CFS/ICD/warehouse to another in a same country.


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CFS charges for export and Import - ICD charges for export and Import


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shiyas muhammed: I was just surfing net to understand various charges charged by different agencies at Port in case of Import of material- Like DO charges, THC, Ground rent, CFS charges, carting charges etc.But unable to understand the activities performed at port and corresponding charges for them. I came across your article .Would you please explain me the various activities performed in sequence at port from arrival of vessel to delivery of material to transporter for onward delivery to importer. So that Charges charged by various agencies i.e shipping lines, cfs, Terminal agent(Like APM) etc. can be checked .Also please explain the terminology used.

Basavaraj: I would like to start export business with my friend,We planning to export commoditeis like wheath, Rice, jowar,cotton, Fruits,hence I would request you to please provide us some suggetions and guidelines how to wrok on export business .We both are finished MBA in Finance and Marketing,

Asif Rajaiwala: Suppose we have import container from "X" county to "Y" port. we want to supply 02 or 03 Machine from Port to somewhere in India (we have all states TIN No). And remain materials call back to our main destination as per the mention in document.

Pavan Karthik : I am from Hyderabad. I want to import musical instruments accessories from china . I have imported two to three lots untill now but all of the lots are ended up in loss due to some additional cfs charges, Ex work charges etc Can you please help me out in import the products for the cheapest price possible.

alidu Akeem: my name is akeem,i want to start exporting agriculture product to various country outside Nigeria but i dont know the agency that are involve and how to start the Business and the kind of products that are highly demanded outside Nigeria,i need your help please

Salim Nagori : I have bought sony bravia 40" led smart tv and wanted to export same from oman to India (Mumbai). Could you share the bestway of exporting same in an efficient and minimal custom/ export charges.

MANI.N: I am working as EXPORT MANAGER IN A GARMENT industry. Want to know what is the difference between CFS charges, and the forwarders charges. Our CHA is collecting CFS charges and it supported by receipt. The nominated forwarder charges their charge under headings CFS/THC ETC on CBM basis. Please advise whether the both the charges of same, if yes, why we should pay the same charge to both the people.

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