How to obtain Certificate of Food Safety and Standard Authority


Food safety clearance certificate for import and export.

How to obtain Certificate of Food Safety and Standard AuthorityIf any food products are imported, a certificate of Food safety is essential at importing location of any country.

What is the purpose of certification of Food Safety and Standard?

The main purpose of inspection of Food Safety and Standards is to regulate manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of food products to ensure safe and wholesome food for human consumption, in turn the socio economic welfare of nation. Normally, once an import shipment of food products arrived at a destination customs location, the importer or his customs broker approaches the authority of Food Safety and Standard and apply for certificate of No Objection (NOC) by applying as per the authority’s requirements either in person or online. The sample of such imported food product also could be drawn as per the terms and conditions of Food Safety and Standard Authority of Importing country. However, the customs authorities at import location can decide whether such certificate of food safety clearance is required against such import of food products under such import consignment. Port Health Officer, who is an authorized Government agency can issue Food Safety Clearance certificate for import or export.

In India, certificate from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) is required to be obtained by importer. FSSAI functions in five major ports who take over the functions of Port Health Officer who is responsible for certification of customs clearing goods.

Apart from Food Safety and Standard Authority, there could be other government agencies like Plant Quarantine Office, Animal Quarantine Office, and respective Laboratories to serve for safety of manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of food products to the nation.

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Payal Shah : Our counter part in India wants to import varieties of cheese of Australia. The Aus. Manufacturer believe that they are not able to export cheese because of import regulation regarding use of estrogen on farms that they can not comply with. Can comment of this issue?

Ashok: sir, i got my ie code and planning to export rice and some other food material. am not a manufaturer but a merchant exporter. so should i need to get FSSAI certificate? .Thank you.

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alagar: One of my client doing the import business in Bangalore, Karnataka state. His business is importing Sea Foods and selling it locally. While doing recent shipment, customs officers asked FSSAI license. He don't have FSSAI license. He came with me. Now I'm applied FSSAI central license. But, it is pending for approval from Govt side. Now his goods are struckked in customs. In this case, FSSAI Registration Acknowledgement will work? Can we show this FSSAI Applied Acknowledgement? Client is giving pressure continuesly to get certificate. I'm just a consultant. He is not understand the Govt Process is there. I kindly request you guide me regarding this.

Naeem: I hope are you good. i visit your website i thanks to you very good knowledge about export and import. i want to know about my product we are manufacturer of peanut chikki what is food safety rule for my product i mean about shelf life. i am very confused about shelf life if my product rejected by during shipping i facing very big loss please help me.

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