GST REG-13 Order of Allotment of Temporary Registration,Sue Moto Registration


Order of Allotment of Temporary Registration,Sue Moto Registration GST REG-13


Please reconfirm the correctness of below mentioned GST form with GST authorities.


GST REG-13 is arranged to use for Order of Allotment of Temporary Registration,Sue Moto Registration

The pdf format of GST REG-13 for Order of Allotment of Temporary Registration,Sue Moto Registrations given below to click and download:


Download GST REG-13 in pdf format:    REG-13.pdf



Government of India /<<State>>


Department of ----------------------


Form GST REG-13


[See Rule ………..]


Reference Number<< >>








Temporary Registration Number


Order of Allotment of Temporary Registration/ Sue Moto Registration

Whereas the undersigned has sufficient reason to believe that you are liable for registration under the Centre/State Goods and Service Tax Act 20……. , and therefore, you are hereby registered on temporary basis. The particulars of the business as ascertained from the business premises are given as under:


Basic Details

1. No. of Detention Memo/ Seizure Memo/Statement of Unregistered Person, etc.

2. Date of Detention Memo/ Seizure Memo/Statement of Unregistered Person, etc.

3. Reason for Detention Memo/ Seizure Memo/Statement of Unregistered Person, etc.

Details of Person to whom temporary registration granted

4. Legal Name

5. Gender


6. Father’s Name


Date of Birth





Address of

Building No./ Flat No.


the Person


Floor No.


Name of Premises/ Building


Road/ Street


Locality/ Village






PIN Code



PAN of the person, if available



Mobile No.



Email Address



Other ID


(Voter ID No./ Passport No./Driving License No./


Aadhaar No./ Other)


Details of goods detained / seized



Description of Goods



Measurement Unit (Tonne/Litres/etc.)



Quantity of Goods



Value of Goods



Goods found in a vehicle



Details of Vehicle Owner/ Driver



Vehicle Registration Number



Driver Name



Driver License Number



Vehicle Owner Name



Vehicle Owner Mobile No.



Vehicle Owner PAN



Vehicle Owner Address



Place where vehicle was detained



Consignor Name and Address



Consignee Name and Address




28. Goods Receipt Number

29. Nature of Goods Movement

Details of place where the goods were found

30. Full Address

31. Name of possessor of the place

32. Gender Male/Female/Other

33. Father’s Name

34. Date of Birth

35. Mobile No.

36. Aadhaar /PAN/Driving License relating to identity proof.

37. Name of Owner of Place

38. Owner Address

39. Owner Mobile No.

Details of Documents Seized (scalable)

40. Document Description

41. Document Date

42. Effective date of registration / temporary ID

43. Registration No. / Temporary ID Declaration

The particulars given above are as per information gathered from the business premises. The person is hereby directed to file application for proper registration _ within 30 days of the issue of this order.


Digital Signature


<< Name of the Officer>>


Designation/ Jurisdiction

Note: A copy of the order will be sent to the corresponding Central/ State Jurisdictional Authority.

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