GST REG-10 Application for Registration for Non Resident Taxable Person



Application for Registration for Non Resident Taxable Person  GST REG-10


Please reconfirm the correctness of below mentioned GST form with GST authorities.


GST REG-10 is arranged to use for  Application for Registration for Non Resident Taxable Person 

The pdf format of GST REG-10 for  Application for Registration for Non Resident Taxable Person  is given below to click and download:


Download GST REG-10 in pdf format:    REG-10.pdf



Department of -------

Government of India / State Government

Form GST REG-10

[See Rule ---]

Application for Registration for Non Resident Taxable Person

Part -A




Legal Name of the Non –Resident Taxpayer

1A Permanent Account Number (PAN)

Name of the Authorized Signatory (as per PAN/Passport)

2A Passport Number/PAN (Enter PAN of the Business or; Passport number of Individual in case of Proprietorship concern)

2B Email Address

2C Mobile Number (+91)

Note - Information submitted at Sr. No. 1 to 2C above is subject to online verification before proceeding to fill up Part-B.

Part -B


Details of Authorized Signatory

First Name

Middle Name


Last Name






Male / Female / Others




Date of Birth








Passport Number


Name of the Country Issuing Passport

Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Number, if applicable

Email Address

Mobile Number with Country code

Period for which Registration is required








Estimated Turnover (Rs.)


Estimated Tax

Liability (Net) (Rs.)










Address of Non Resident Taxpayer in the Country of Origin

Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Country (Drop Down) Zip Code

E mail Address

Telephone Number (Landline with ISD)

Centre Jurisdiction

Sector, Circle, Ward, etc. as applicable Address of Principal Place of Business in India


Details of Bank Account in India


Account Number


Type of account



Bank Name

Branch Address


Building No./Flat No.

Floor No.


Name of the Premises/Building







PIN Code


Mobile Number

Telephone Number


E mail Address

Fax Number with STD




11 Document Upload


A customized list of documents required to be uploaded (refer Instruction) as per the field values in the form.



I hereby solemnly affirm and declare that the information given herein above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed there from.



Digital Signature/ E- Sign


Name of Authorized Signatory



Note: Non -Resident Taxpayer will require to upload declaration (as per under mentioned format) along with scanned copy of the passport and photograph.



List of documents to be uploaded as evidence are as follows: -



Proof of Principal Place of Business:


(a) For Own premises 


Any document in support of the ownership of the premises like Latest Property Tax Receipt or


Municipal Khata copy or copy of Electricity Bill.


(b) For Rented or Leased premises –


A copy of the valid Rent / Lease Agreement with any document in support of the ownership of


the premises of the Lessor like Latest Property Tax Receipt or Municipal Khata copy or copy of


Electricity Bill.


(c) For premises not covered in (a) & (b) above –


A copy of the Consent Letter with any document in support of the ownership of the premises


of the Consenter like Municipal Khata copy or Electricity Bill copy. For shared properties also,


the same documents may be uploaded.



Proof of Non-resident Taxpayer:


Scanned copy of the passport of the Non -resident tax payer with VISA details. In case of


Company/Society/LLP/FCNR/ etc. person who is holding power of attorney with authorization





Bank Account Related Proof:



Scanned copy of the first page of Bank passbook / one page of Bank Statement


Opening page of the Bank Passbook held in the name of the Proprietor / Business Concern –


containing the Account No., Name of the Account Holder, MICR and IFSC and Branch details.



Authorization Form:-


For Authorised Signatory mentioned in the application form, Authorization or copy of


Resolution of the Managing Committee or Board of Directors to be filed in the following




Declaration for Authorised Signatory (Separate for each signatory)



I/We ---(Details of Non-Resident Foreign Taxpayer) hereby solemnly affirm and declare that <<name of the authorized signatory>> to act as an authorized signatory for the business << Name of the Business>> for which application for registration is being filed/ is registered under the Goods and Service Tax Act, 20__.

All his actions in relation to this business will be binding on me/ us. Signatures of the persons who is in charge.

S. No. Full Name Designation/Status Signature 1.

Acceptance as an authorized signatory

I <<(Name of authorized signatory>> hereby solemnly accord my acceptance to act as authorized signatory for the above referred business and all my acts shall be binding on the business.

Signature of Authorised Signatory

Place (Name)

Date Designation/Status

Instruction for filling Application for registration as Non Resident Taxable Person.

1. Enter Name of the applicant Non-Resident taxpayer as recorded on Passport.

2. The applicant shall apply at least Five days prior to commencement of the business at the Common Portal.

3. Applicant need to provide Email Id and Mobile Number for verification and future communication which will be verified through One Time Passwords to be sent separately, before filling up Part-B of the application.

4. Applicant need to upload scanned copy of the declaration signed by the Proprietor/all Partners/Karta/Managing Directors and whole time Director/Members of Managing Committee of Associations/Board of Trustees etc. in case the business declares a person as Authorized Signatory.

5. Application filed by undermentioned persons shall be signed digitally: -

Sr. No

Type of Applicant

Digital Signature required



Private Limited Company

Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)


Public Limited Company


Public Sector Undertaking


Unlimited Company


Limited Liability Partnership


Foreign Company


Foreign Limited Liability Partnership



Sr. No

Type of Applicant

Digital Signature required



Other than above

Digital Signature Certificate






as may be notified



6. All information related to PAN, Aadhaar, shall be online validated by the system and Acknowledgment Receipt Number will be generated after successful validation of all the filled information.

7. Status of the online filed Application can be tracked on the Common Portal.

8. No fee is payable for filing application for registration

9. Authorized signatory should not be a minor.



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