GST REG 11 Application for Amendment in Particulars subsequent to Registration




Application for Amendment in Particulars subsequent to Registration GST REG 11 


Please reconfirm the correctness of below mentioned GST form with GST authorities.


GST REG 11  is arranged to use for Application for Amendment in Particulars subsequent to Registration

The pdf format of GST REG 11  for Application for Amendment in Particulars subsequent to Registration is given below to click and download:


Download GST REG 11   in pdf format:    REG-11.pdf



Government of India /<<State>>


Department of ----------------------


Form GST REG-11


[See Rule ]---


Application for Amendment in Particulars subsequent to Registration





Full Name of Applicant Taxpayer



Type of registration



Amendment summary


Field Reference

Field Name


Effective Date






5. List of documents uploaded













I hereby solemnly affirm and declare that the information given herein above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed there from


Digital Signature/E-Sign


Name and Signature of Authorized Signatory


Designation / Status

Instruction for filing Application for Amendment

1. Application FORM GST REG-11, can be filed online through registered Taxpayer dashboard.

2. Any change in any of the particulars provided in the application for registration in FORM GST REG-1, FORM GST REG-7, FORM GST REG-9 or FORM GST-REG-10, as the case may be, either at the time of obtaining registration or as amended from time to time, the registered taxable person shall, within fifteen days of such change, submit an application electronically, duly signed, electronically, along with documents relating to such change at the Common Portal.

3. Change relates to the Name of Business, Principal Place of Business, and details of partners or directors, Karta, Managing Committee, Board of Trustees, Chief Executive Officer or equivalent, responsible for day to day affairs of the business which does not warrant cancellation of registration, are Core fields which shall be approved by the Proper Officer after due verification.

4. Such amendment shall take effect from the date of occurrence of the event warranting amendment in case the application for amendment has been submitted within the time prescribed in this behalf.

5. For Non-Core fields, no approval of the Proper Officer is required.

6. Taxpayer can update information pertaining to Non-Core fields at any point of time and can generate Amended Certificate of Registration for their record.

7. Where a change in the constitution of any business results in change of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of a registered taxable person, the said person shall be required to apply for fresh registration in FORM GST REG-1.

8. Any change in the mobile number or the e-mail address of authorized signatory submitted under rule 1, as amended from time to time, shall be carried out only after online verification through

the Common Portal in the manner provided as specified under rule 1.

9. All information related to PAN, Aadhaar, DIN, CIN shall be online validated by the system and Acknowledgment Receipt Number will be generated after successful validation of all the filled information.

10. Status of the online filed Application can be tracked on the Common Portal.

11. No fee is payable for filing application for filing Amendment.

12. Authorized signatory should not be a minor.



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ANIL JAIN : Sir,GST MIGRATION DONE ND PROVISIONAL ID WE ALREADY GET. BUT in NAME OF company there is spelling mistake. So Sir, whether we can amend now or after Roll out GST IN JULY 1ST.ON WHICH FORM WE HV TO AMEND. SIR PL. RESOLVE THIS ISSUE.

Rajeev Saxena: Sir, I have applied for migration of GST and got Certificate of Provisional Registration with GSTIN 23AGGPS0044NIZC , but there is a manual mistake the in the spelling of name of firm . I want to make a amendment in the name of spelling of Firm, please advise me the procedure to resolve this matter. regards


s k mohiddin: Sir, How to convert from composition Scheme to General scheme, please give me reply

mahananda: while registering for gst I have not entered the service tax registration no. which is required for trans 1 form to fill, so how can I amend the registration to enter service tax reg no. I have tried the option of amendment registration but while dsc singing its saying system error.please provide the solution?

Asim Kumar Kar: Sir/Madam, Dealer Trade Name : DIPALI TRADING TIN : 19592716012 GSTN : 19ARIPD8232E1ZW We would like to inform that we couldn't get ARN. But we get Provisional Registration Certificate. Please note that we submitted our application for migration to GST through EVC yesterday around 1 p.m.; but we could not migrated to common GST portal for created challan for deposited tax for month of July '17 as well as Return for the same month is due. Now we are very much worry to submit our GST Return on the due date. Kindly help & guided us to get-out from the situation as early as possible. With Regards DIPALI TRADING

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