Duty Free Imports for Agro-Chemicals Sector


3Duty Free Imports for Agro-Chemicals Sector


This post explains about duty free imports for specific sectors Agro-Chemicals Sector.


Guidelines to Agro-Chemicals Sectors about duty free imports

According to Foreign Trade Policy of India, the following guidelines can be noted on duty free import of goods:

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(i) Duty free imports of goods as specified in list 28A of Customs notification No. 21/2002 dated 1.3.2002, upto 1% of FOB value of exports made during preceding licensing year, shall be allowed to agro chemicals sector unit having export turnover of Rs. 20 crore or above during preceding licensing year.

(ii) The eligible unit shall apply in form given in Appendix-8B to RA concerned duly countersigned by Chartered Accountant.

(iii) In respect of duty free import of R

&D equipment, units not registered with Central excise shall be allowed to give Installation Certificate issued by an independent Chartered Engineer.

This post explained about duty free imports for Agro-Chemicals Sectors. You can share your views about duty free imports for Agro Chemical sectors if you wish to.


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