Cargo Arrival Notice (CAN) Some facts.

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Cargo Arrival Notice (CAN) Some facts copy

What is Cargo Arrival Notice (CAN)

This is another simple term – Cargo Arrival Notice.

The term ‘Cargo Arrival Notice’ can be known in same words mentioned. Although the term Cargo Arrival Notice is too simple to understand on its grammatical meaning, the importance of Cargo arrival notice is very important to any exporter or importer is concerned.

Let us discuss about Cargo Arrival Notice.

Once after arrival of goods at final destination, the carrier of goods intimates consignee on such arrival with details. If shipment is via sea, the details of CAN include of vessel, voyage, date of arrival, number and kind of packages, number of free days allowed to complete import customs clearance procedures, reference numbers like BL number, container number etc.

Once after arrival of cargo at final destination, the carrier of goods intimates the said arrival to consignee of goods to take delivery of cargo. If any amount is due to be paid by consignee the same also is mentioned in the same document as ‘Cargo arrival notice cum Invoice’.

Although carrier sends cargo arrival notice – CAN – to importers, it is the duty of consignee/buyer/importer to track arrival of goods.

Is it compulsory to send Cargo arrival notice to Consignee by carrier?

No, a consignee can not sue against a carrier against non receipt of cargo arrival notice.

Cargo Arrival Notice in Exports and ImportsAs you know, the storage charges at destination port and detention charges /demurrage charges are exorbitant if goods not import cleared.  Also read  Non receipt of Cargo Arrival Notice, Can importer sue against shipping company     What is shipment Advice and what are the contents of shipping advice

I hope, you came to know the importance of tracking of goods once shipped out, although there are systems to send Cargo Arrival Notice - CAN – by carrier and Pre Alert by supplier of goods.

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Rizly: Cargo arrival notice will be sent to consignee only as courtesy there is no legal binding if not sent or delayed in sending the CAN, but always follow up with load port agent and notify final destination consignee for the satisfaction of the service and improve quality of the service, otherwise competitors can over take

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