Step by step help for using GST common web portal for GST enrolment in India for existing VAT payers


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A complete guide for enrolling GST common portal for registration in India

Guidelines to use GST common website for GST enrolment and provisional GST Tax Registration Certificate
for Existing VAT payers

The state VAT Department has communicated the provisional ID to every registered taxpayer.

Incase you are a registered taxpayer with the state VAT Department and you have not received your provisional ID or password, contact your state VAT Department.

Step by step help for using GST common web portal for GST enrolment in India for existing VAT payersNow, if you are a registered taxpayer with the state VAT Department you need to access the GST common portal and create your username and password using the provisional ID and password communicated to you.

You need to login to the GST common portal with your newly created username and password,Register your Digital Signature certificate with the GST common portal.Fill the Enrolment Application. Attach the mandatory documents.Electronically sign the Enrolment Application.Submit the Enrolment Application

ARN will be issued to you in ‘Migrated’ Status. The status of provisional ID will change to ‘Active’ on the appointed date.


Step by step guidelines to login with GST common portal for enrolment by existing tax payers in India. The GST web portal provides this information to make you easily understand with screen shot of web portal, the extract of information is given under:

The following links explains complete step by step procedures and troubleshooting solutions to enrol GST web portal for provisional GST registration certificate. GST web portal has provided the below information making public easy to understand and user friendly for smooth handling of GST web portal enrolment under GST regime in India. These information includes guidelines on tracking application status of GST, saving uncompleted application for GST registration enrolment, linking DSC with GST system, registration of DSC, changing password of GST web portal to protect security, retrieving user name from GST web portal and other related information for existing tax payers.

Guidelines for GST online registration enrolment for existing tax payers

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The above information provides step by step information and guidelines to login with GST common web portal for GST enrolment in India.


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