HS code for iron and steel

  HS CODE  7223 stands for which product? Product code 7209 against which commodity? Commodity code 7219 meant for which product?  Export goods code for 7217.  Import goods code for 7228 .  Merchandise code for 7205.   Goods code for 7220 for which merchandise?


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Commodity HTS (HS) code
chapter 72 iron and steel
72  IRON  and STEEL

7201  pig iron  and spiegeleisen in pigs, blocks etc.

7202  ferroalloys

7203  spongy ferrous prod  and iron 99.94% pure, lumps etc

7204  ferrous waste  and scrap, remelt scrap iron/steel ingot

7205  pig iron, spiegel, iron or steel granules  and powder

7206  iron  and nonalloy steel in ingots etc  not elsewhere mentioned

7207  semifinished products of iron or nonalloy steel

7208  flat-roll iron  and na steel n/un600mm wd hot-rl, not clad

7209  flat-roll iron  and na steel n/un600mm wd cold-rl, no clad

7210  flat-roll iron  and na steel n/un600mm wd, clad etc

7211  flat-roll iron  and na steel un 600mm wd, not clad etc

7212  flat-roll iron  and na steel un 600mm wd, clad etc

7213  bars  and rods, iron  and na steel, h-r irreg coils

7214  bars  and rods, iron  and na steel  not elsewhere mentioned , h-r etc

7215  bars  and rods, iron  and na steel  not elsewhere mentioned

7216  angles, shapes  and sections of iron  and nonalloy steel

7217  wire of iron  and nonalloy steel

7218  stainless steel in ingots etc  and semifin products

7219  flat-roll stainless steel products, not und 600mm wide

7220  flat-roll stainless steel products, under 600mm wide

7221  bars and rods, stainless steel, hot-rolled, irreg coils

7222  bars  and rods, st steel  not elsewhere mentioned , angles etc, st steel

7223  wire of stainless steel

7224  alloy steel  not elsewhere mentioned  in ingots, other primary form  and semif pr

7225  flat-roll alloy steel  not elsewhere mentioned  n/un 600mm wide

7226  flat-roll alloy steel  not elsewhere mentioned  un 600mm wide

7227  bars  and rods alloy steel  not elsewhere mentioned , hot-rolled irreg coils

7228  alloy steel  not elsewhere mentioned  bars, angles etc, hol dr st bars etc

7229  wire of alloy steel  not elsewhere mentioned

Procedures to import Iron, ferroalloys, pig iron, alloy steel , stainless steel and above specified 

How to export Iron, pig iron, alloy steel, ferroalloys, flat roll alloy steel ,bars and rods and above specified .


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What is the HS code for spongy ferrous prod  and iron 99.94% pure, lumps etc? What is HTS code  for semifinished products of iron or nonalloy steel?  HS name for flat-roll stainless steel products, under 600mm wide? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of wire of iron  and nonalloy steel.  What is the Product code for import of wire of stainless steel. How to get product code for export of  flat-roll iron  and na steel n/un600mm wd cold-rl, no clad.  How to find commodity code  to import bars  and rods alloy steel  not elsewhere mentioned , hot-rolled irreg coils. How to get commodity code to export ferroalloys.


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