Product code for other bars and rods of iron and nonalloy steel

HS CODE  721440  stands for which product? Product code 721440  against which commodity? Commodity code 721460  meant for which product?  Export goods code for Bars and Rods.  Import goods code for Bars and Rods.  Merchandise code for Bars and Rods.   Goods code for 721460  for which merchandise?



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Commodity HTS (HS) code chapter 72 iron and steel 
7214  bars  and rods, iron  and na steel  not elsewhere mentioned , h-r etc

721410  Bars and Rods of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Forged
721420  Concrete reinforcing bars and rods, Hot-rolled, Hot-drawn, Hot-extruded
721430  Bars and Rods Of free-cutting steel, Hot-rolled, Hot-drawn, Hot-extruded
721440  Other Bars and Rods , containing by weight less than 0.25 percent of carbon
721450  Other Bars and Rods , containing by weight 0.25 percent or more but less than 0.6 percent of carbon
721460  Other Bars and Rods , containing by weight 0.6 percent or more of carbon



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What is the HS code for Bars and Rods? What is HTS code  for Bars and Rods?  HS name for Bars and Rods? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Bars and Rods.  What is the Product code for import of Bars and Rods. How to get product code for export of  Bars and Rods.  How to find commodity code  to import Bars and Rods. How to get commodity code to export Bars and Rods.  

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