am in US import customs clearance
How does Wire transfer work in international business?

Types of Export Containers   
Dimension of Cargo Containers
Short shipment in Export business
Shut out procedures to get back goods to exporter's place
How does Bill of Lading work in DP payment terms? 
 The formalities to sell / auction unclaimed or un-cleared goods
The role of CBEC - Central Board of Excise and Customs in India.
How to minimize import cargo clearance time? An open logic proposal to WTO
 We have IEC, can we export from all ports?
 What are the legal documents in exports
 What does ECGC do on default of payment of any overseas buyer?
What happens if overseas buyer not paid export bills discounted.
 What happens if proper tracking of goods not effected in export import business?
How to Import Furniture, Bedding, Cushions, Lamps And Lighting Fittingsries




3901 polymers of ethylene, in primary forms

39 PLASTICS ARTICLES THEREOF3902 polymers of propylene or other olefins, prim forms

3903 polymers of styrene, in primary forms

3904 polymers of vinyl chloride etc., in primary forms

3905 polymers of vinyl acetate & other vinyl polym, pr fm

3906 acrylic polymers in primary forms

3907 polyethers, expoxides & polyesters, primary forms

3908 polyamides in primary forms

3909 amino resins, phenolics & polyurethanes, prim form

3910 silicones, in primary forms

3911 petro resins, polysulfides etc nesoi, primary form

3912 cellulose and chemical deriv nesoi, primary forms

3913 natural (inc modified) polymers nesoi, primary forms

3914 ion-exchangers based on plastics, in primary forms

3915 waste, parings and scrap, of plastics

3916 monofil, cr-sect ovimm, rods, sticks etc, plastics

3917 tubes, pipes & hoses & their fittings, of plastics

3918 floor cover (rolls & tiles) & wall cover, plastics

3919 self-adhesive plates, sheets, film etc of plastics

3920 plates, sheets, film etc no ad, non-cel etc, plast

3921 plates, sheets, film, foil & strip nesoi, plastics

3922 baths, washbasins, lavatory seats etc of plastics

3923 containers (boxes, bags etc), closurers etc, plast

3924 tableware & other household articles etc, plastics

3925 builders ' ware of plastics, nesoi

3926 articles of plastics (inc polymers & resins) nesoi



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Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20
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SEIS, Service Exports from India Scheme
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Export procedures and documentation

Is Letter of Credit LC safe for an Importer?
Spelling error in LC? Is wrong spelling a discrepancy under Letter of credit?
Stuffing and De stuffing – 2 regular terms used in shipping
Surrender of Bill of Lading – Some facts
Switch BL
Formalities to import Fertilizers         
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Office to contact Phytosanitary inspection in India
Types of Export Containers   
Dimension of Cargo Containers
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How to import Iron and Steel 
Procedure to import Pearls,Imitation Jewelry And Coins     
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How to minimize import cargo clearance time? An open logic proposal to WTO
Is Airway bill a documents of title?
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How does a Running bond work?
Why to insure export goods? 
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 Procedure to Import Arms Ammunition, Parts and AccessoWhat is THC - Terminal Handling Charges

What is the earliest date can be mentioned on Bill of Lading. Can BL date and let export date be same day?
When can an exporter release bill of lading from shipping company?
Introduction to this web site.

Who gets benefits from this website?
Difference between general dry cargo container and Tank Container
Indian Union Budget 2014-2015, highlights on import and export duties
How does Bill of Lading work in Sight LC
Transferability of Bill of Lading
Transhipment - A redefinition
Is DP terms of payment safe in export business?

 Is Letter of Credit LC safe for an Importer?
Is ON BOARD CERTIFICATE required for LC negotiation
How to amend shipper name in Import General Manifest (IGM)
 How to check the time of contract on high sea sale transaction?
How to Choose a product for export business
Travelers to India under import duty exemption, Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 
 How to set up an export import firm in India  
 What is VACIS ex


markand patel : sir i want to import LLDP plastic grunal witch is use in making plastic bag. i talk some company in chaina. but my problem is that i dont know what is the process and what type of document

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