Items permitted to import duty free for contract farmers of EOU


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Items permitted to import duty free for contract farmers of EOU


Here, the details of items allowed to import free of duty for contract farmers of Export Oriented Unit as per Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20 are explained.

As per Foreign Trade Policy of India, items permitted for import/domestic procurement by EOU units engaged in agriculture/horticulture without payment of duty for supply to contract farmers in the DTA.

EOUs engaged in production / processing of agriculture / horticulture / aquaculture products may, on basis of annual permission from Customs authorities, take out inputs and equipments to DTA farm subject to following conditions:

(a) Supply of inputs by EOUs to contract farm(s) shall be subject to input-output norms approved by DGFT / BOA.

(b) There shall be contract farming agreement between EOU and DTA farmer(s).

(c) Unit has been in existence for at least two years and engaged in export of agriculture / horticulture / aquaculture products; otherwise it shall furnish bank guarantee equivalent to duty foregone on capital goods / inputs proposed to be taken out, to Deputy / Assistant Commissioner of Customs / Central Excise, till unit completes two years.

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A. Seeds

B. Fertilizers and chemicals for pre and post harvest treatment such as micro nutrients, plant and growth regulators and other organic and inorganic substances used for plant nutrition, insecticides, fungicides, weedicides, herbicides and the like.


1. Filters

2. Dripliers, Driplines and Drip-fittings




3. Micro sprinklers and misters

4. Agriculture sprinklers

5. Fertilizer Tanks

6. Valves

7. Fertilizer pumps and chemical injections

8. Crates, drums and preservation media (Such as acetic acid and vinegar)

9. Grading Tables

10. Green House equipment, accessories, heated rooting tables, propagation trays, seeding machines.

11. Plants or parts there of, seeds, saplings, tubers, bulbs, Rhizomes, root cuttings, all types of grafts, tissue culture material and other vegetatively propagated material utilized for sowing or planting.

12. Growing media such as Peat Moss (including peat litres) whether or not agglomerated), Pearlite/ Verniculate, Rockwool, Coca peat, Hydrocorn, Foam based medium and other cultivation medium.


Here, the details of items allowed to import free of duty for contract farmers of Export Oriented Unit as per Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20 are explained. If you have your comments on items to import free of duty for contract farmers of Export Oriented Unit, write below.


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