Terms used in shipping such as Hub-and-Spoke, Humping, HUSBANDING,HWONT,Indicated Horse-Powe,In full,I.M.D.G. Code


Terms used in shipping such as Hub-and-Spoke, Humping, HUSBANDING,HWONT,Indicated Horse-Powe,In full,I.M.D.G. Code etc.



This post explains about terms used in shipping such as House Airwaybill,hours purposes.,Hub-and-Spoke,Humping,HUSBANDING,HWONT,Indicated Horse-Powe,In full,I.M.D.G. Code etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in shipping


hours purposes. - The time allowed by charter for the dual operation of loading and discharging the cargo


House Airwaybill (HAWB):Transit document issued by a Freight Forwarder for use in consolidated air freight shipments.


House Bill of Lading - Bill of Lading issued by a forwarding agent to a shipper covering a consignment, which the forwarding agent has grouped with consignments from other shippers to the same destination. The forwarding agent receives one groupage Bill of Lading from the carrier that covers all the consignments.


House Bill of Lading (HB/L):Bill of lading issued by a forwarder or an NVOCC operator.


Terms used in shipping such as Hub-and-Spoke, Humping, HUSBANDING,HWONT,Indicated Horse-Powe,In full,I.M.D.G. Code etcHouse-to- House:See Door-to-Door.


House-to-House (H/H):See “CY/CY”.


House-to-House:See "Door-to-Door."


House-to-Pier (H/P):See “CY/CFS”.


House-to-Pier:Cargo loaded into a container by the shipper under shipper's supervision. When the cargo is exported, it is unloaded at the foreign pier destination.


hp – Horsepower


HS - Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System


HS - Harmonized System


HS Code (Harmonised Code) / Tariff Headnig:Classification / commodity code (similar to EC Code).


HSC - Harmonized System Committee


HTS - Harmonized Tariff Schedule


HTWG - High Technology Working Group


HUB:A central location to which traffic from many cities is directed and from which traffic is fed to other areas.


Hub-and-Spoke:A transportation system design in which large hub terminals are used for freight consolidation. Medium-volume services serve the spoke-to-hub collection and hub-to-spoke distribution tasks. Large-volume services are operated in the hub-top-hub markets. In most systems, all outbound/inbound freight for a spoke uses the same hub, and thus larger shipment sizes are realized. Many transportation systems oriented in this way.Examples: Delta airlines, FedEx, LTL, and now ocean shipping. Not TL, however.


Hull Underwriter:The person with whom the ship hull, machinery apparel, and tackle is insured.


HULL:Shell or body of a ship.


Hull:The body of a vessel exclusive of masts, yards, sails, rigging, machinery and equipment.


Humping:The process of connecting a moving rail car with a motionless rail


car within a rail classification yard in order to make up a train. The cars move by gravity from an incline or "hump" onto the appropriate track.


HUNDREDWEIGHT (CWT.):Short ton hundredweight = 100 pounds. Long ton hundredweight = 112 pounds.


Hundredweight / CWT:100 pounds. A common shipping weight unit.


HUSBANDING:A term used by steamship lines, agents, or port captains who are appointed to handle all matters in assisting the master of the vessel while in port to obtain such services as bunkering, fresh water, food and supplies, payroll for the crew, doctors appointments, and ship repair.


Husbandry Agent - This is the agent appointed by the shipowners to attend only to those non-cargo matters - specifically those matters concerning vessel crew, repairs. supplies, and provisioning and classification society surveys.


HWONT - High water ordinary neap tides.


I P I:Interior Points Intermodal. A term used by ocean carriers to describe door-to-door delivery service.


i. and/or o. - In and/or overdeck


I.A.E.A. - International Atomic Energy Agency


I.A.T.A. - International Air Transport Association


I.B. - Invoice book. In bond


I.B.C. - Institute Builders' Clauses


I.B.N.R. - Incurred but not reported


I.B.R.D. - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development


I.C. & C. - Invoice coast and charges


I.C.A.O. - International Civil Aviation Organization


I.C.C. - International Chamber of Commerce, Institute Cargo Clauses


I.C.E.S. - International Council for the Exploration of the Sea


I.C.F.U. - International Confederation of Free Trade Unions


I.C.S. - Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, International Chamber of Shipping


I.C.S.U. - International Council of Scientific Unions


I.C.T.F. - It stands for Intermodal Container Transfer Facility. It is an on-dock facility, which moves containers from ship to rail or truck.


I.D.A. - International Development Association


i.f. - In full


I.F.C. - Institute Freight Clauses, International Finance Corporation


I.F.F. - Institute of Freight Forwarders


I.F.V.C. - Institute Fishing Vessel Clauses


I.H.P. - Indicated Horse-Power


I.I.L. - Insurance Institute of London


I.L.A. - International Longshoremen’s Association, which operates on the East and Gulf Coasts. See labor unions and longshoremen.


I.L.A. - International Longshoremen's Association


I.L.O. - International Labor Organization


I.L.U. - Institute of London Underwriters


I.L.W.U.- International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which operates on the West Coast. See labor unions and longshoremen.


I.M.C.O.:International Maritime Consultative Organization. A forum in which most major maritime nations participate and through which recommendations for the carriage of dangerous goods, bulk commodities and maritime regulations become internationally acceptable.


I.M.D.G. Code:International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. The IMO recommendations for the carriage of dangerous goods by sea.


The above details describes about terms called in shipping such as House Airwaybill,hours purposes.,Hub-and-Spoke,Humping,HUSBANDING,HWONT,Indicated Horse-Powe,In full,I.M.D.G. Code etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in shipping business below this post.Terms used in shipping such as Hearing,Hire Statement ,Hi-lo,Hitchment,Home,hold cleaning,hold

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