Terms used in shipping such as Senior Commercial Officer,Service Contract, Service,Sheddage


Terms used in shipping such as Senior Commercial Officer,Service Contract, Service,Sheddage etc.



This post explains about terms used in shipping such as Section 416,SELF-SUSTAINING,SECTOR,Senior Commercial Officer,Service Contract, Service,Sheddage,SHIFTING,Ship Planning etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.



Terms used in shipping

 Section 337 - Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 requires investigations of unfair practices in import trade. Under this authority, the International Trade Commission applies U.S. statutory and common law of unfair competition to the importation of products into the United States and their sale. Section 337 prohibits unfair competition and unfair importing practices and sales of products in the U.S., when these threaten to: (a) destroy or substantially injure a domestic industry, (b) prevent the establishment of such an industry, or (c) restrain or monopolize U.S. trade and commerce. Section 337 also prohibits infringement of U.S. patents, copyrights, registered trademarks, or mask works. See: Tariff Act of 1930.


Section 416 - Section 416 of the Agricultural Act of 1949 provides for the donation of food and feed commodities owned by Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corporation and is focused on people in developing countries. See: Food For Peace. Food For Progress.


SECTOR:The distance between two ground points within a route.


Terms used in shipping such as Senior Commercial Officer,Service Contract, Service,Sheddage etcSED:Shipper's Export Declaration. U.S. Commerce Department document


SED:U.S. Commerce Department document, "Shipper's Export Declaration."


SEED - Support for East European Democracy


SELA - Sistema Economico Latinoamericao


SELF-SUSTAINING SHIP:A containership which has her own crane for loading and discharging shipping containers enabling the ship to serve ports which do not have suitable lifting equipment.


SELF-SUSTAINING:A vessel that has its own cranes and equipment mounted on board for loading and unloading. Used in ports where shore cranes and equipment are lacking.


SELF-UNLOADER:A bulk carrier which is equipped with gear for unloading cargo.


Selling, General and Administrative (Expenses) - SGA is the sum of:- General and administrative expenses (such as: salaries of non-sales personnel, rent, heat, and light); - Direct selling expenses (that is, expenses that can be directly tied to the sale of a specific unit, such as: credit, warranty, and advertising expenses); and - Indirect selling expenses (that is, expenses which cannot be directly tied to the sale of a specific unit but which are proportionally allocated to all units sold during a certain period, such as: telephone, interest, and postal charges).


SEM - Seminar Mission


Semiconductor Trade Arrangement - The U.S.-Japan Semiconductor Trade Arrangement is a bilateral agreement which came into effect on August 1, 1991, replacing the prior 1986 Semiconductor Trade Arrangement. The new Arrangement contains provisions to: (a) increase foreign access to the Japanese semiconductor market and (b) deter dumping of semiconductors by Japanese suppliers into the U.S. market, as well as in third country markets. In evaluating market access improvement, both governments agreed to pay particular attention to market share. The expectation of a 20 percent foreign market share by the end of 1992 is included in the Arrangement. The Arrangement explicitly states, however, that the 20 percent figure is not a guarantee, a ceiling, or a floor on the foreign market share.


SEMISUBMERSIBLE:Deck supported by pillars, fastened to pontoons. The pontoons are half submerged during operations. Kept in position by anchors (or by dynamic positioning). Normally equipped with its own propulsion machinery.


Senior Commercial Officer - The SCO is the senior U.S. and Foreign Commercial Officer at an embassy and reports in-country to the Ambassador. At major posts, this position carries the title of Commercial Counselor; in key posts, Minister Counselor. Usually reporting to the SCO are a Commercial Attache and Commercial officers. The latter are sometimes assigned to subordinate posts throughout the country.


Sep. - Separation procedure (signing and accounting)


SEPD - State Export Program Database


Service Agreement or Service Contract - Agreement between a shipper and a liner conference in which the shipper undertakes to ship some or all, as the case may be, of his cargo on conference line ships for a specific period of time in return for an agreed rate of freight and level of service. Some contracts require the shipper to achieve a minimum quantity of cargo over the agreed period.


Service Contract - According to the Shipping Act of 1984, it is a contract between a shipper or a shippers' association and an ocean common carrier or conference. In this contract, the shipper commits to provide a certain minimum quantity of cargo or freight revenue over a fixed time period, and the ocean common carrier makes a commitment to a certain rate or rate schedule as well as a defined service level.


Service:A number of vessels dedicated to serving a particular market.


Service:A string of vessels which makes a particular voyage and serves a particular market.


SF - Solo Fair (overseas procured)


SFSC - Shared Foreign Sales Corporation


SFW - Solo Fair (Washington procured)


SGA - Selling, General and Administrative (Expenses)


Shared Foreign Sales Corporation - A shared FSC is a foreign sales corporation consisting of more than one and less than 25 unrelated exporters. See: Foreign Sales Corporation.


sheddage: Regardless of the length of stay, a vessel is charged a one-time fee for use of shed space and/or marginal (waterside) rail track space. The charge is based on the length of a vessel.


SHEX - Sundays and Holidays Excepted - Charter-Party term which provides that Sundays and public holidays do not count in the calculation of laytime. See also even if used. and unless used.


SHex. - Sundays and Holidays excepted


SHIELD - SHIELD is an interagency export control committee that reviews licenses involving chemical or biological weapons.


SHIFTING:This refers to movements or changing positions of cargo from one place to another. This can easily endanger the seaworthiness or cargoworthiness of the ship.


SHINC - Sundays and Holidays Included - Charter-Party term, which provides that Sundays and public holidays count in the calculation of laytime, whether or not used for loading or discharging, as the case may be.

SHinc. - Sundays and Holidays included


Ship Chandler:An individual or company selling equipment and supplies for ships.


Ship Demurrage:A charge for delaying a steamer beyond a stipulated period.


Ship Owner:One of the persons in whom the title of property of a ship or ships is vested.


Ship Planning:A function in the operations of container vessels where containers have to be planned for loading onto vessels, taking into consideration the size and weight of containers, transshipment and discharging port rotation, types of cargoes, etc. The officer responsible for such a function is called a “ Ship Planner “.


SHIP’S AGENT:A person or firm who transacts all business in a port on behalf of shipowners or charterers. Also called shipping agent; agent.


SHIP’S MANIFEST:An instrument in writing containing a list of the shipments constituting the ship’s cargo.


Shipbroker - Person having one or several occupations: chartering agent or owner's broker, negotiating the terms for the charter of a ship on behalf of a charterer or shipowner respectively, sale and purchase broker, negotiating on behalf of a buyer or seller of a ship: ship's agent, attending to the requirements of a ship, her master and crew when in port on behalf of the shipowner, loading broker, whose business is to attract cargoes to the ships of his principal.


The above details describes about terms called in shipping such as Section 416,SELF-SUSTAINING,SECTOR,Senior Commercial Officer,Service Contract, Service,Sheddage,SHIFTING,Ship Planning etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in shipping business below this post.Terms used in shipping such as Sailed,Seal Record,SEABEE,Seaway Bill,Section 201,Section 232,Section 301

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