Terms used in shipping such as Hearing,Hire Statement ,Hi-lo,Hitchment,Home,hold cleaning,hold


Terms used in shipping such as Hearing,Hire Statement ,Hi-lo,Hitchment,Home,hold cleaning,hold etc.



This post explains about terms used in shipping such as HAZARDOUS MATERIAL, Head Charter ,Hearing,Hire Statement ,Hi-lo,Hitchment,Home,hold cleaning,hold etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in shipping


HAZARDOUS MATERIAL (HAZ MAT):Substance or combination of substances which, because of its quantity, concentration, or physical or chemical characteristics, may cause or significantly pose a substantial hazard to human health or the environment when improperly packaged, stored, transported, or otherwise managed


HAZARDOUS WASTE:Any material, whether solid, liquid or containing gaseous material, identified in the Resource & Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) either by name (listed) or by characteristics




Hbr. – Harbour


Terms used in shipping such as Hearing,Hire Statement ,Hi-lo,Hitchment,Home,hold cleaning,hold  etcHead Charter - Contract for the charter of a ship between her owner and a charterer. This term is used to distinguish between this Charter-Party and any contract: which the charterer may have with a third party to whom he sub-lets the ship.


Head Charterer - Charterer whose contract is direct with the shipowner in respect of a ship that is being chartered out and the sub-chartered, perhaps several times. The head charterer is thus distinguished from all the sub-charterers.


Hearing - A hearing which is held at the request of an interested party in antidumping proceedings for the purpose of allowing interested persons to express their views orally to officials of the Commerce Department. The hearing is held prior to the Commerce Department's (International Trade Administration) final determination or before the final results of an administrative review are published. See: Tariff Act of 1930.


heavy hauler: A truck equipped to transport unusually heavy cargoes (steel slabs, bulldozers, transformers, boats, heavy machinery, etc.)


Heavy Lift - It is a term used for freight too heavy to be handled by regular ship's tackle.


HEAVY LIFT VESSEL:A vessel specifically designed to be self-sustaining with heavy lift cranes to handle unusually heavy or outsized cargoes.


heavy lift: Very heavy cargoes that require specialized equipment to move the products to and from ship/truck/rail/barge and terminals. This "heavy lift" machinery may be installed aboard a ship designed just for such transport. Shore cranes, floating cranes and lift trucks may also adapted for such heavy lifts.


Heavy-Lift Charge:A charge made for lifting articles too heavy to be lifted by a ship's normal tackle.


Heavy-Lift Vessel - It is a specially designed and equipped vessel for the carriage of heavy cargo.


HELM:A tiller or a wheel generally installed on the bridge or wheelhouse of a ship to turn the rudder during maneuvering and navigation. It is in fact the steering wheel of the ship.


Helsinki Accord - The Helsinki Accord deals with the rights of people to migrate freely. The tourism portions of the Accord encourage: (a) tourism and tourism studies, (b) preservation of artistic, historic and cultural heritages of signatories, (c) lowering of fees and documentation needed for international travel, and (d) other efforts to encourage cooperation on tourism among countries. The Accord was signed in 1975.


hhd. – Hogshead


Hi-Ab:Lorry / Truck with a small crane attached


High Cube (HC or HQ):Any container which exceeds 8 feet 6 inches (102 inches) in height, usually 9 feet 6 inches.


High Cube:Any container which exceeds 8 feet 6 inches (102 inches) in height, usually 9 feet 6 inches.


High-Density Compression:Compression of a flat or standard bale of cotton to approximately 32 pounds per cubic foot. Usually applies to cotton exported or shipped coastwise.


Hi-lo:Container yard jargon for a forklift truck used for heavy lifting of containers.


Hire or Hire Money - Money paid by a charterer to a shipowner for the hire of a ship taken on time charter. It may be expressed, for example, as an amount per day or per deadweight ton per month, hire is payable, by agreement, at regular intervals such as monthly or semimonthly, normally in advance. It is important that hire money is paid on time since otherwise the shipowner has the right to withdraw the ship from the service of the charterer.


Hire Statement - Written statement of the amount of hire money payable by a time charterer to a shipowner, showing the number of days that have elapsed since the commencement of the charter or since last statement. Deductions may be made for items disbursed by the charterer on behalf of the shipowner, such as cash advanced to the master, claims against the shipowner and off hire periods are also often deducted. The first and last statements detail the quantity of bunkers on board at the time of delivery and redelivery respectively of the ship, and corresponding adjustments made to the amounts of the remittances to take account of the purchase of bunkers on board on delivery by the charterer and the subsequent sale of bunkers on board on redelivery to the shipowner.


Hitchment:The marrying of two or more portions of one shipment that originate at different locations, moving under one bill of lading, from one shipper to one consignee. Authority for this service must be granted by tariff publication. See Bill of Lading.


hk. - Hook damage


Ho. - Hold - Space below the deck of a ship, used for carry cargo. If a ship has more than one hold, they are numbered consecutively from one upwards starting with the forward-most; this is done for the purposes of identifying the hold and locating cargo stowed in them.


hold - Space below the deck of a ship that is used to carry cargo. The holds of a ship are numbered for purposes of cargo identification and location.



hold cleaning - Cleaning a hold after cargo has been discharged.


HOLD:A general name for the spaces below the main deck designated for stowage of general cargo. A hold on a tanker is usually just forward of #1 cargo tank. Some newer tankers have no hold.


Hold:It is the part of the ship below decks where the cargo is stored.


Home - Export Import Guide - Exporters Importers Code ( IEC CODE )


Home Market Price - See: Foreign Market Value.


Home port: Port from which a cruise ship loads passengers and begins its itinerary, and to which it returns to disembark passengers upon conclusion of voyage. Sometimes referred to as "embarkation port" and "turn around port."


Homologation .. of an Automobile - Homologation of an automobile is the certification by a country that a vehicle conforms to its safety and emission standards -- primarily that a vehicle has been manufactured or modified to meet a country's standards.


Hopper Barge:A barge which loads material dumped into it by a dredger and discharges the cargo through the bottom.



hopper car: A freight car used for handling dry bulks, with an openable top and one or more openings on the bottom through which the cargo is dumped.


Horizontal Export Trading Company - An export trading company which exports a range of similar or identical products supplied by a number of manufacturers or other producers. Webb-Pomerene Organizations, trade-grouped organized export trading companies, and an export trading company formed by an association of agricultural cooperatives are the prime examples of horizontally organized export trading companies.


Horn of Africa - The Horn of Africa comprises Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan.


Hostler (or hustler): A tractor, usually unlicensed, for moving containers within a yard. An employees who drives a tractor for the purpose of moving cargo within a container yard.


Hot shots:slang term used to describe smaller trailers that are utilized in expedited transportation. Usually dock height trucks with two drivers.


The above details describes about terms called in shipping such as HAZARDOUS MATERIAL, Head Charter ,Hearing,Hire Statement ,Hi-lo,Hitchment,Home,hold cleaning,hold etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in shipping business below this post.Terms used in shipping such as Gross Vehicle Weight,High water mark,Hatchway , HARD AGROUND,Hard Currency

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