How to start an export import firm in India Part 3


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How to set up an export import firm in India Part 3

How to obtain IEC numberThis article is a continuation of my two articles about setting up an Export Import firm in India. If you have not read out those articles, please read below:

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Let us continue with the procedures and formalities in Indian to set up an Export Import Firm in India.

Registration with central excise department

If your products are fallen under excisable goods, you need to register with nearest central excise department to claim necessary export excise benefits under your goods exporting.

The registration has to be done within the jurisdiction where your factory is situated.

RCMC registration procedures

Many government agencies supports exporters in various levels to boost the export of the country and such agencies extends all supports including financial supports to exporters. In order to avail such benefits, an exporter need to register their product and obtain Registration Cum Membership Certificate from the respective agencies who deals under specific goods separately.

If you are a manufacturer of a particular product or products, you need to obtain a registration cum member ship certificate from respective authorities. The details has been mentioned in my another article called ‘How to obtain RCMC’.

Registration with sales tax office

Exporters are eligible to claim sales tax benefits against exports. So, once after completion of necessary IE code procedures, you need to register with Sales Tax authorities under your jurisdiction area where in you can obtain necessary guidelines to act as an exporter or importer.

I hope, I could you explain in detail about the major procedures and formalities to set up an export import firm in India. As stated earlier, these details are only for information purpose, as government of India revise the procedures and formalities to set up an Import Export firm time to time.

Before setting up of such export import firm in India, you may once again reconfirm the procedures and formalities with necessary government agencies. 

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The above information is a part of Import Export online Training

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Madhu Sudhanan Pillai: I am starting exporting business from India. Kindly help to do the Export Import and can you help us canvasing of buyers

nikhil gunjal: hallo sir, me and my freinds thinking about starting export bussiness. we are starting this from home. i know all export procedure. i want help for setup company just tell me what is procedure for this, the name of department where i want to register company. and total cost required for opening company in india. Regards, Nikhil

Ashish Soni: Dear, Thanks for such a nice sharing of the worth reading article. I want some in-depth detail for registration of AD Code and then after reg. with the excise department from the view point of Importer only. As you have given details mainly related to Exporters/Export benefits, i would also like to know the details about import and import duties. Please reply asap. waiting for your Reply. Thank you, Ashish Soni.

Muthukumaran: Can i export to an individual in dubai ?

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Muthukumaran, You can export goods to individual as non commercial basis.

Rajneesh: Thanks for sharing such an important information. I would like to import some products (worth between 5000 Rs to 10,000 Rs) on a trial basis from China. I have obtained IEC and have also opened a current account. Do I need any other documents? The shipper says if I pay the delivery charges, the product will be delivered to my door. Also do I have to pay any taxes for the importing the product from China?

mukul agarwal: If m not in a manufacturing line but still if m interested to export goods. M I eligible ?? Or wat are all the formalities for the same.

CK: do i need to obtain for import export code if i m an online retailer sending my goods abroad?

shobhit: hello, all these information's are so true and very helpful...want to thank you for that...just want to know something about a particular product...hope you can help me with that product i am a beginner don't know much about all this...please help me and please contact me on my mail id.....

Aamir saeed: Hello ... I have got all the recquired document for import and export frim indian authority.. So i am looking for buyer and supplier.. and plz tell me from where i can contact these people... actually i m a beginner and wanted to start my business.. Waiting for your positive responce.. Thank you

shalem: Thankingyou sir to give me the knowledge

nsm: sir thanks for such a nice information about I/E .... sir i want to set a IE business but i dont have any experiance of the same so will you please tell me how to deal and scope of I/E .... for small scale and at initial level which tyoe of product are good to deal...

Sahul Hameed: I have recently obtained an IE code , i would kindly request you to help to find buyers and guide me through the various process in export and inport.

sikkander basha: i dont know anything about export and import how to start and as welll i am in dubai tell me some suggestion want to take any course

NIRUPAM DUTTA: I,like to start export&import business from odisha in the name of Trade from my home. pls. help me valuable advice from you.

Abhijeet: Thanks for deep info

Pankit Shah: Hi Sir, I am into retail business....want to start importing goods from CHINA and THAILAND......then do i need to follow all the same set of instructions....I already have an CURRENT ACCOUNT(existing firm) so can i get an IEC code of the same name or I need to establish a new firm. Thanking You,

Surendran Kollerath: If you need to import or export you need to obtain IEC by following those procedures

Sivakumar: Sir, I have got IE code, please help me to get buyers for orders. i would kindly request you to help to find buyers and guide me through the various process in export and import. What is meaning for ASAP in export?

G.S.Raju: Hi Mr.Surendran, Beautiful informations laid in a proper manner that eveything is crystal clear. Thanking you Surendran. I was thinking whether to buy this book or that to start an IE business. Now no need for me to spend on those things.

tenphel: Hi Sir, Really very helpful, But I've questions to ask you that,I m non resident of India, but born in India, having a PAN Card, so is there any way to start this Business?

NITIN SHAH: we are mfg pharma products on contract mfging. we are interetsed to start export business of pharma. please,give names of websights or places where I can get address of MERCHANT EXPORTERS list country wises paticulary african countries.

Vamsi: Hello, We are in manufacturing of PVC goods for about 20 years now that we are likely to import all our raw material, what will be the basic requirement. and can we import in excess and sell it here in India what will be the procedure to sell the imported goods as a trader.?

vipul moradiya: Hello, i want to start export pharma finished products to african countries. plz, tell me what is basic for it like company registration from india and from importer with cost. Thanks

Roshan R.D: Dear sir I am starting export business. But what is payment guarantee after Sending they will pay

Roshan R.D: Dear sir I am starting export business Where we have to find the ginger and maize buyers

Admin: Hi Roshan R.D, Read all posts in this web blog, you will have a clear idea about payment guarantee.

Rajesh Munshi: Dear Sir, Thank you for the great articles. I am starting export business soon in India. My registered office would be in Pune. The suppliers of my products would be from south india, lets say Chennai or Karnataka. When i export, my supplier shall send goods directly to the port (Example, port in Chennai or Mumbai), so can i use my export license or all the documents mentioned in your blog which are registered in Pune? Have you published any blog wherein we can know steps involved in exporting, such as goods from supplier's factor till port of destination? I hope you get my point. Thank you

raj: After getting all codes, numbers and formalities, Now how to send products physically out of india?? let i am in bhatinda(punjab) and want to export it from gujrat port to dubai? is someone needed in dubai for receiving products or the port guys send it to his destination?

Admin: Exporter's representative at destination port need not be required


Jagdish Bhatia: Respected Sir, I would like to buy this book. Please advise. Thanking you. Bhatia from Ahmedabad

digvijay singh: Hello sir I m from h.p n want to start import n export plz guide m with details where to start n with what to sell as I don't know anything about it urgently

Bijumon: Dear Sir, I am interested to do a export business of fresh vegetables. So, kindly give me the full procedures of the same i.e. how I can get orders from buyers and all other formalities. Regards, Bijumon

ASHOK MANOT: hello, i m going to start import export business. what i need at the first stage.

Syed Abdullah: Hello sir, I and my friends are looking to startup I&E Business. So we are the new in this business but we have customers. but we don't know how to registered the company and other govt. papers and which kind of forms needed and what kind of banker we have to approach. Please help me out. Thanks & Regards, Syed Abdullah 0 9 9 6 4 4 3 0 5 3 3

Hardik Sheth: Hello Sir, I want to start my own Export Import Business. Can you please tell me the way to find buyers and sellers? Thanks and regards, Hardik.

vinodkumar: I'm very thankful to you for providing such information to set up export import firm in India.what kind of products can export and import in India and initial invest to start a busines.refer me the best for business.pls reply asap.

MAYUR B MANDAVIYA: Dear Sir, I want to export plastic item and i haven't anything any document like i.e.(IEC) so please send me full specification of export and how to create company i want to start in Rajkot(Guj.)INDIA.

rahul : sir i want to start export business in maharashtra (india) so sir i want some information releted textile product like undergarment saree exporting . thank you sir

Aditya Chhabria : I want to start export business. I am already run retail cloth shop Now I want to export ladies suits. I am not manufactureing these suits. I am purchasing from the various cloth markets I need ur help regarding which type of papers formalities required to get export licence. And another thing is any government provide any type of financial help.

Admin: Hi Aditya Chhabria, You may approach DGFT to get an IEC number. There are different types of financial assistance provided by various government agencies. You can approach an expert near by your area.

Gaurav: I want to import LED light from china and korea, i don't have IEC code. can any authorised body or agent help me in clearing goods out from custom.

Admin: Hi Gaurav, Any importation in India for commercial purpose, IE code is mandatory. However, if you bring any piece of LED for personal purpose, IEC is not required.

uday Jogani: Dear Sir/Madam, We are supplier of Organic Cosmetics and now we have to export that things, so pls advice on following. 1) We want to register with and want to be member in Export Promotion Council. 2) Any other government licence required for exporting of Organic Cosmetics.? Pls advice and do the needful.

RAVI: Thanks for such a good article which include all the necessary information at the begining stage. I am in this exporting business from last 5 years and i am still learning. may i know are you a exporter or importer?

hiketh jain : I would require your help on "The procedure for importing LED lights from China". Hence could you please share the complete procedure for obtaining the same.

Mayur Sonawane: Dear Sir, Thanks for shearing such a valuable information with us. It will really helpful for new emerging importer / exporter of India. I am from Maharashtra & Just started a export. If any one required a exporter from Maharashtra & any type of help you can contact me. Thanking you. Mayur m a y u r . s a m a r t h @ g m a i l . c o m

CJR SANKAR RAO: Very nice and useful to all and very easy to under stand and can go for exim business or consultancy

Milind: Dear Sir, I want to start my Export business, but I am not a Manufacturer so I need to start Merchant Exporter, Is there any other formalities to do for Merchant Exporter?. Please advice.

Joseph Varghese: Sir, I have an IEC, I wish to import Orchids from Thailand to Cochin airport, what all should be taken care? do I need any special license for importing flowers? Please give an expert opinion.

lalitha: Is Tin number mandatory/required to import goods in india? I think IEC code is just enough for importing goods. does customs deny entry if tin is not provided

Zoheb Shirgaonkar: Hi Sir I want to start import export business, but I want to know the buyer and seller information to deal with. How can i get the business partner and capital amount to invest into business of jewellery?

PB: i want to start the business but i don't know anything about import-export, sir could you please guide me in brief like from where and how i could start, what should i have to import or export.and how much minimum money is require for that.

Mannu: i want to import goods from Canada but i don't know anything about import-export, sir could you please guide me in brief like from where and how i could start, what should i have to import or export.and how much minimum money is require for that. how to go for clients?

Akra Exports : I am Arvindh, and I have started my export import company by 2015, I am an beginner without any practical knowledge in this business. By blindly believing my inner instinct about this business i have started this firm. I kindly need your help in this business. I have plenty of unanswered question about this business. Please guide me personally to achieve in this business.

Thunai Selvam : I have come across your profile and website in google, I would like to start a new firm and complete the process for import and export. Let me know if there is any agency who can assist in completing the process.

Elangovan.M: I am Elangovan.M from Theni(Near to Madurai) In Tamil nadu, I Like to start Business in import & export, Please advise me few things.

Kailash Kant : This side Kailash Sethi from near Chandigarh.we have our own company with the name of RG GROUP.My big brother Mr. Rupinder Singh are running this company. Sir, now we want to start our business in import and export. so pls guide us for all that we can start our work.

Dileep Sharma: My name is Dileep Sharma basically I am from Bihar, India, currently I am doing job in a private firm as a IT Engineer. I have read your artical on internet and I am really impress. I want to start import export buisness in India and required your valuable guidance. So, kindly help me to start a new journey of my life. I will really thankful to you for your support.

Rai pintu: i want to start export rise,sugar and vegetables to other countries So please explain me the process of exporting

Javed: Dear sir, I want to start export business from Maharashtra but I don't know how to find buyer. Please give me all information about export. Thanks

Prashant Rane: Dear Sir, I Have one question for Fruits Exporter. As per excise there is no excise duty on vegetables/fruits. So there is need to register company with Excise Dept and Sale Tax Dept. Kindly guide us.....

Nitin Rajpara: we r manufacturer and we want to export our brass products in other countries. plz guggest me how can do this?

surya karthick : I interested to start a Import Export business, I required some ideas to start this business. I wanted to know what all products to going good in Current Market. Also, I need to know the Procedures to start this Import Export Business

RAJENDRAPRASAD: Dear sir, we want to start import business and the product which we are going to import are "Used Photocopy Machines". We are going to import these machines from Singapore and Dubai. I want to know below things 1. We are opening a partnership firm, and we completed the process of Rental agreement, Partner ship deed, firrm registration and applied for pan card. after getting the pan card we will open a current account to get IEC code. Upto this level i am clear. What are the next procesess? 2. How do we purchase and import these goods 3. is these machinary has any other conditions to import 4. If a payment option is 50% advance and 50% after reaching the documents, what are the must required documents Please take time and give suggestion Thank you

PRATHEEP KUMAR: sir,am pratheep kumar from chennai. i went to your website. very useful to me about export import. any training class contacting? please tell me sir. i want your support sir.

Michael Penso : Gladly I was when I found your page on the internet ( I really want to start an import export business here in the Netherlands. I am new in this branch and I really want to know if your site is all that I need to know to start the busisness, and also I want to know If I will be able to clear the products my self when they arrive here in the Netherlands. I dont have commodity’s or a platform where to get commodity’s. After studying your your course on your site do I have to aply at some school to become an certified international broker, if that is so where can I do that? I thank you in advance for reading my e-mail and giving me some light on my questions.

Naveen Natarajan : I am interested in doing exports Business.while i was browsing noticed your website.wherein you have shared detailed explanations. Appreciate your efforts in creating such an excellent website which will be of use to many. Sir I'm a new person in exports domain and need your support in doing this business.

Vaibhav Nichal : i had came across your artical a month ago.and i am interested in exporting.i am producer of best quality of AJWAN and want to export it so please help me out for that. i have no idea about exporting.

Sukhjit Singh Dhaliwal : I am Sukhjit Singh Dhaliwal from Punjab & holding import export license but not able to make any deal through. I want to start import export business for this I need your help.

Saranya Karthik: We have some doubt in import and export business. Because we are able to interested an import and export business. Please resolve the below queries, How we can start the import and export? How we choose the product? How to develop the business growth? How we can communicate with clients?

Durlov Ghosh : I live in West Bengal. I want to start an import export business with Bangladesh through Benapole border.

Amit Hirwaani : My name is Amit hirwani and i not know about export import buisness.I have some organic or non organic products..also Rice.I want to sell my products in foreign countries.

Abdul Majeed : we need to start up a simple firm for export and import business in India based on Chennai.

krishna industry : Please sir guide me how to do export import business

Abdul muied siddiqui : Guidance needed to start a small-scale import business

Jaspal singh: Hii Jaspal singh from delhi .I go through all information but still needs ur guidance and help if possible go start import export business.9313110224

Jaikishan Sharma : I want to start import export business needs guidance in delhi

BHAVESH: your article is very important sir for new people like me thank you very much for posting. i am doing home made (ladoo selling) small business. i am looking for buyer in international market pls guide from where & how i will get right data/information & genuine buyer for my business start up. & is there any agent who can complete all this licensing formality. or can i use other people license for export business which govt. authority will help me for start to end procedure pls advice.

David: Hi, Can someone help me set up an export import company and give some information on a good and affordable CA.

Shehnwaz: Hello Sir, after GST do we need still need to register with Sales tax office and Central excise??

Pratiksha shenkar: I am very Thankful to you for this brief information. i get direction with the help of your info

Dr. Aravinda. L.S : Hello sir, Greetings of the day Hi Myself Dr. Aravinda L S , i am planning to start export business of some of the items like sarees , leather items , and other articles to foreign countries. I dont have have any manufacturing units here, but I am planning to purchase these in bulk from the manufacturer and send the same . 1. May I be eligible to do this business? 2. What are all the procedures and approval (government agencies) i may need to follow to do the same Kindly do the needful -- Thanks & Regards, Dr. Aravinda. L.S

sudir: I Wanted to thank you for the very informative articles which you have written on your website HOW TO EXPORT IMPRT.COM. WhenI I was in doubt this information came very handy. Very rarely people share the knowledge, you are one among them. Thank you for your efforts. If i may ask you for one piece of advice, I am a logistics operations manager and recently the organization has asked me to manage the customs operations also which include Imports, exports and EPCG, Advance license related work, i have very limited knowledge or no knowledge on a few things. Can you please guide me any course or method through which I can get working knowledge in this area so I can cope with my additional responsibilities. Your advice on this matter is highly appreciated.

jagadeep: I am exploring opportunities in Import and export field and based out of Bangalore.I already have a firm registered and IEC code and GST and current account, I came across your profile and thought you could guide me in picking the right product ,I also have a product in mind and needed some information about the same regarding the potential sourcing and customers.If you could reply back with your contact number,maybe we could communicate better over a call.

neha: . I am from jabalpur( Madhya Pradesh). I did B.Com and MBA ( International Business), but i have teaching experience of another subject. I want to join your online class of export & import and want to get the job in export import. Kindly suggestion me for this career.

fawad: Hope you are doing good. Found your email address from website and have to admit that your way of explaining with examples is excellent. As I have recently started my career in a company doing import export as Assistant Manager Exports / Imports and someone who wants to start his own business, I would love to get help from you if that's OK with you? Really need a mentor who can guide me when i need guidance. If you don't mind can you please send me your number with country code so that I can contact you on whatsapp if I need urgent assistance. Also send me your facebook id if you have one so that I can add you.

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