How to obtain acknowledgement for filing returns with GST

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How to obtain acknowledgement for filing returns with GST(The information given here is valid only after introduction of GST likely to be in 2016 and also subjected to changes by GST law drafting committee and other concerned authorities)


On submission of return, an Acknowledgement Number will be generated. In case of submission of a return which has been prepared by using offline tools, acknowledgement of submission will take some time as GSTN System will need to first verify details like the carry forward cash as per personal ledger, ITC, tax payment details etc. In such cases, initially a Transaction ID confirming receipt of data will be conveyed to the taxpayer, (as also envisaged in case of filing of short paid / non –paid return). Final acknowledgement of receipt of return will be generated after validation of data is completed, which will also lock-in the Transaction ID.

The acknowledgement of e-return would contain the following details:


(i) Return acknowledgement number (unique number generated by the GSTN), Date and Time

(ii) Transaction ID No., Date and Time

(iii) GSTIN of taxpayer

(iv) Relevant tax period details

(v) Gross Supplies, Taxable Supplies and Tax paid / refund claimed(CGST, SGST, IGST and Additional tax separately) during the Return period



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How to obtain acknowledgement for filing returns with GST

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