GSTR 4A, AUTO DRAFTED DETAILS under GST returns filing



Who needs to record GSTR 4A? At the point when to record GSTR 4A? What are the substances in GSTR 4A?  


What is GSTR 4A?

Similar to the GSTR-2A, GSTR-4A is generated quarterly for composition scheme taxpayers. It has the details of the inward supplies as reported by suppliers in GSTR-1


The contents of GSTR 4A are:

GSTIN number, Name of the Taxable Person, Address and so on auto-populated on logging, Period of Return, Inward supplies got from enlisted assessable individual, data auto populated from counterparty GSTR1 and GSTR5, Amendments to subtle elements of internal supplies got from enrolled assessable people in before impose periods, Revised Details assuming any, credit note, charge notes and its corrections etc.


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