GSTR 6A Auto drafted rules under GST returns

Auto drafted rules GSTR 6A


At the point when to record GSTR 6A? What are the substances in GSTR 6A? How does GSTR 6A function? What is GSTR 6A? Who needs to record GSTR 6A?


What is GSTR 6A?

GSTR 6A is auto drafted rules GSTR 6A.  GSTR 6A is arranged to use for Auto drafted rules.


When to file GSTR 6A?

GSTR 6A has to be filed on 13th of the next month


Who has to file GSTR 6A?

Input Service Distributor has to file GSTR 6A.


Apart from contents auto populated including from GSTR1 and GSTR5,   the details of amendments to details of inward supplies received in earlier tax periods, Details of Credit/Debit Notes, Amendment to Details of Credit/Debit Notes of earlier tax periods etc. also are reflected.

Taxable person will have to enter the amount of credit to be availed for CGST/SGST or IGST as the case may be.  If the supply is received in more than one lot, the invoice information should be reported in the return period in which the last lot is received and recorded in the books of accounts.


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