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Office Address:

Vanijya Bhavan
International Trade Facilitation Centre
3rd Floor
1/1, Wood Street
Tel : 033-22890524/0525
Fax : 033-22891724
Website Address :

Products Handling:

Animal By-products

Automobile Tyres & Tube

Books, Publishing & Printing

Bulk Minerals & Ores

Cement, Clinkes & Asbestos Cement products

Ceramics & Refractories

Glass & Glasswares

Paper, Board & Paper Products

Plywood & Allied Products

Processed Minerals

Rubber Manufactured Products

Granites, Natural Stones & Explosives.

Graphite Electrodes & Explosives

Ossein, Glue & Gelatine

Paints & Allied Products

Misc. Products such as :

Gambier Extracts/Myrobalam Extracts/ Cutch Extracts/ Other dyeing & tanning extracts

Fire works

Safety Matches

Activated Carbon

Cocoanut shell Charcoal

Superphosphates Urea

Other Chemical Fertilizers

Hard Aggregates for Floor

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CAPEXIL, a non-profit making organization, was setup in March 1958 by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to promote export of Chemical and Allied Products from India. And since then has been the voice of Indian business community. With the headquarter at Kolkata, and regional offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, CAPEXIL has more than 3500 members across the country. One of the fascinating aspects of CAPEXIL is the overwhelming variety of products it deals with.
CAPEXIL is an ardent advocate of exporters to the Government and the primary focus is to provide export assistance to its member exporters.
CAPEXIL sends trade delegation to all major and developing markets around the world, showcases Indian exports all over the world through exhibitions, fairs.
Capexil can help the sourcing needs of an importer anywhere in the world, and also the selling needs of Indian exporters.
CAPEXIL is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified organization. Read more


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sagar: im a tiles exporter. give me a suggestion how export our product in international in international market.

harsha: We are merchant exporter of handicraft items of animal by product’s like Horn bone etc . We are member of EPCH based at Mumbai . As per the export policy, shipment clearance certificate/ veterinary health certificate is mandatory for export to Europe. We would be happy if you can guide us for taking plant approval certificate from CAPAXIL.

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