Banking rules under Project Exports and Service Exports

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RBI directions on Project Exports and service exports in India

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on Bank procedures in India on Service Exports and Project Exports is given below:

  A.14 Project Exports and Service Exports

(i) Export of engineering goods on deferred payment terms and execution of turnkey projects and civil construction contracts abroad are collectively referred to as ‘Project Exports’. Indian exporters are required to obtain the approval of the AD Category – I banks/ Exim Bank at post-award stage before undertaking execution of such contracts. Regulations relating to ‘Project Exports’ and ‘Service Exports’ are laid down in the revised Memorandum of Instructions on Project and Service Exports (PEM-July 2014).

(ii) Accordingly, AD banks / Exim Bank may consider awarding post-award approvals without any monetary limit and permit subsequent changes in the terms of post award approval within the relevant FEMA guidelines / regulations. Project and service exporters may approach AD banks / Exim Bank based on their commercial judgment. The respective AD bank / Exim Bank should monitor the projects for which post-award approval has been granted by them.

(iii) In order to provide greater flexibility to project & service exporters in conducting their overseas transactions, facilities have been provided as under:

a) Inter-Project transfer of machinery - The stipulation regarding recovery of market value (not less than book value) of the machinery, etc., from the transferee project has been withdrawn. Further, exporters may use the machinery / equipment for performing any other contract secured by them in any country subject to the satisfaction of the sponsoring AD Category – I bank(s) / Exim Bank and also subject to the reporting requirement and would be monitored by the AD Category – I bank(s) / Exim Bank.

b) Inter-Project transfer of funds - AD Category – I bank(s) / Exim Bank may permit exporters to open, maintain and operate one or more foreign currency account/s in a currency/currencies of their choice with inter-project transferability of funds in any currency or country. The Inter-project transfer of funds will be monitored by the AD Category – I bank(s) / Exim Bank.

c) Deployment of temporary cash surpluses - Subject to monitoring by the AD Category – I bank(s) / Exim Bank, Project / Service exporters may deploy their temporary cash surpluses, generated outside India investments in short-term paper abroad including treasury bills and other monetary instruments with a maturity or remaining maturity of one year or less and the rating of which should be at least A-1/AAA by Standard & Poor or P-1/-AAA by Moody’s or F1/AAA by Fitch IBCA etc., and as deposits with branches / subsidiaries outside India of AD Category – I banks in India.

d) Repatriation of funds in case of On-site Software Contracts - The requirement of repatriation of 30 per cent of contract value in respect of on-site contracts by software exporter company / firm has been dispensed with. They should, however, repatriate the profits of on-site contracts after completion of the contracts.

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