Shipments lost in transit, Indian Banking formalities

How does Export Bank in India account the transaction of Shipments in Transit

 According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on RBI rules on export shipments lost in transit is given below:

C.21 Shipments lost in transit

(i) When shipments from India for which payment has not been received either by negotiation of bills under letters of credit or otherwise are lost in transit, the AD Category – I banks must ensure that insurance claim is made as soon as the loss is known.

(ii) In cases where the claim is payable abroad, the AD Category - banks must arrange to collect the full amount of claim due on the lost shipment, through the medium of their overseas branch/correspondent and release the duplicate copy of EDF only after the amount has been collected.

(iii) A certificate for the amount of claim received should be furnished on the reverse of the duplicate copy.

(iv) AD Category – I banks should ensure that amounts of claims on shipments lost in transit which are partially settled directly by shipping companies/airlines under carrier’s liability abroad are also repatriated to India by exporters.

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