What is Manifest Hold by US customs on import

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Manifest Hold by US customs on import?


Manifest Hold function in US import clearance procedures?

Manifest Hold – another term under holds of US import clearance. What does Manifest Hold mean? Who pays charges under Manifest Hold? Can manifest hold be lead to intensive hold under US import clearance procedures? Why have importers to pay charges against Manifest Hold by US import clearance?


In this article I would like to introduce one of the holds under import clearance procedures in United States – Manifest Hold. I also would like to bring your attention about the responsibility of paying exam hold charges by consignee under import customs clearance procedures and formalities.What is Manifest Hold by US customs on import


What is Manifest Hold under Import clearance in US?


Before arrival of goods to US, the details of cargo have to be manifested with customs. General information is filed by carrier of goods prior to arrival of cargo at US entry ports. Normally, customs broker files details of shipment on behalf of importer prior to arrival of cargo. These details may be verified by CBP prior to arrival or on arrival of shipments.



However, the necessary details will be examined by customs prior to arrival and a ‘manifest hold’ is ordered on random basis or selective basis. If necessary, the CBP may order for further examination on verification of detailed documentation on goods carried out.


Although many import exam holds are undertaken by CBP and other government agencies, the procedures and formalities of import customs clearance in US have been simplified nowadays.


I have no doubt on the responsibility of CBP to protect the nation from contraband, and the duty of any importer to make available the imported goods for inspection before CBP. However the question is why has the importer to pay charges on customs hold, if the goods are not detected contraband?  Also read What is intensive exam CET exam in US import clearance    Customs holds and examination in US import customs clearance.   What is VACIS exam in US import customs clearance    What is Tail Gate exam hold in US import clearance USDA hold by US customs for import cargo   Statistical validation under US import

In this article I have introduced one of the holds by US authorities on import clearance procedures and formalities. Do you wish to add more information about Manifest Hold? Have you experienced Manifest Hold under US import clearance procedures? Share below your experience about Manifest Hold under import clearance procedures in United States.


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Sunny Shen: For an IT entry CBP manifest hold & require entry doc ( 3461, CI, packing list, A/N,etc.) entry shall provide which CBP port: Original port or Destination port?

Vijaya Sundari : I planned to do Export business along with my family. I got licenses too. But while trying to contact buyers for export I’m facing an issue. Past 6 months I tried a lot. i read your article it was really superb. I thought your suggestion/guidelines really needed for me. Please assist me on this.

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