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Dry cargo shipping containers


In this post a brief summery of dry cargo container is explained. The details includes use of dry cargo, manufacture details of dry cargo containers and a short summary about dry cargo shipping containers and types of dry cargo containers.

A dry cargo container is normally airtight, effectively preventing any outside element from damaging the goods that are shipped.

dry containersMost of standard dry cargo containers are made of steel. Some of shipping dry containers is also made of aluminum. The aluminum made dry containers is slightly larger pay load than the dry containers manufactured by steel.

These standard dry cargo containers are completely sealed off and water resistant. Standard shipping containers are used for most of the cargo movement domestically and internationally for almost all dry goods, boxes, pallets, sacks, barrels etc. Most of these standard dry shipping cargo containers are manufactured with good plywood flooring. These containers are manufactured in accordance with ISO standard, in such way to transfer from different modes of transport like trucks,ships, trains etc. one another. The quality of most of containers are inspected and approved by the classification society.


Use of standard dry container

Standard dry containers are used to transport goods by road, rail or water. Mainly two types of standard dry containers are there, 20’ and 40’ which is suitable for most types of cargo. 45’ dry containers are also available to transport lengthy cargoes. Almost all cargo containers are built in accordance with the specification requirements of TIR/CCC agreements and International Convention of Safe Containers. Lashing rings are available on the inner side of most of containers. Anti-corrosive steel plate used in the container can minimize rusting.

The payload details are indicated on side or near the opening door of dry containers. However, the rules and regulations on maximum weight conditions may differ from country to country and state to state.

Compared to other type of containers, dry containers are less expensive, as there are no additional special requirements.


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This post describes a brief summery of dry cargo container is explained. The details include use of dry cargo, manufacture details of dry cargo containers and a short summary about dry cargo shipping containers. Did you like this article about dry cargo containers? Would you like to add more information about dry cargo shipping containers?



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