Benefits of using OPEN SIDE CONTAINER
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In this post, the details of open side container is explained which includes advantage of open side containers, size of open side containers and specification summary.


Open sided ContainersAn Open sided container has two sets of double door at the lengthy side. Such two doors are arranged to open the entire length of the container with complete access to the container for loading and unloading. However, in exceptional cases, three doors open sided container is also manufactured to facilitate customers to meet their requirements. The side doors are manufactured to open either an eight feet opening or a twenty feet opening for a 20’ container as per requirements.



The doors of open sided container are made from flat steel panels instead of heavier corrugated steel which is compatible with storage use, as the doors are opened and closed on a regular basis. The security lock box over the padlock provides better protection. The rubber seals fitted at each door opening locations helps for not entering water or moisture in to the container.


The major advantage of open side container is that the oversized equipment can be fit. Another advantage of an open sided container is that the amount of space can be utilized to its maximum. Apart from that, the stuffing and de stuffing are faster than other types of container. The bigger size of goods can be easily fit in to a open side container unlike other standard container. Another benefit of an open side container is that the sorting of goods can be easily done without offloading all items in the container.


Normally 20’ and 40’ open side containers are available. 40’ high cube open side containers are also available as per customer need.


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Here we have discussed about open side container which includes advantage of open side containers, size of open side containers and specification summary. Did you like this post about open side container and its benefits? Do you wish to add more information about open side containers?



Share below your thoughts about specification,size and advantages of open side containers.


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