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In this post a short explanation about platform containers are explained. The details about platform containers include the use of platform containers, a brief specification of platform containers, and types of platform containers for movement of cargo.


Plat form containerLike other containers, platform containers are also manufactured with steel and hard wood. A Platform container does not have sides, ends and roof, which looks like a pallet. The customers can load cargo to platform containers from side also.


Use of Platform Containers


Normally platform containers are used to transport goods which are heavy weight on small areas. Platform containers are also useful to load odd sized cargo. Generally, the platform containers are used to move machinery, oil and gas equipment and other heavy weight equipment. Like other cargo containers, platform containers are also comply with ISO standard for domestic and international transportation. For easy transportation and movement by road, 40’ platform containers have gooseneck tunnels at each end of container. These recesses allow the containers to lie lower and therefore to be of taller construction. For more security on loads, lashing rings are fixed in the side rails of platform containers. All platform containers have fork pocket holes for easy handling.


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In this post a short explanation about platform containers are explained. The details about platform containers include the use of platform containers, a brief specification of platform containers, and types of platform containers for movement of cargo. Did you like this information about platform containers? Would you like to add more information about platform containers?

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