What is Tail Gate exam hold in US import clearance


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Tail Gate Exam hold in US import Clearance


What is tailgate exam in US import customs clearance


Tail Gate Exam Hold – one of the terms in US import customs clearance. ‘Tail’ - back side of an animal, right? Yes, this exam hold in US import clearance also related to same. An inspection of imported goods at ‘tail’ part of a Container – means back sideWhat is Tail Gate exam hold in US import clearance copy of a container.

This is a method of inspection of goods on back side of cargo/container without handling. A Tailgate exam is conducted under US import clearance on random inspection. Some of the consignments are selected on random basis and arrange a tailgate exam to inspect imported goods. If the authorities found any suspicious, such goods are ordered for an intensive examination. This intensive examination is carried out to nearest available CFS monitored by CBP.


If customs authorities found or not found any contraband, the importer is liable to pay the cost of examination of goods to private parties who handle such inspection arrangements.


I personally request US government, not to impose inspection charges to importers if no default, malpractice or contraband found on imported goods to US. I personally feel, some of the charges under exam holds are exorbitant. CBP can either balance import duty amount for all commodities or arrange a separate fund for all import holds and absorb such inspection expenses of private agencies who handle import exam holds.


Although many holds are carried out under US import clearance by CBP and other US government agencies, the procedures and formalities on import customs clearance have been simplified nowadays.


In this article, I have explained Tail Gate Examination hold under US import customs clearance procedures and formalities. Do you wish to add more information about Tailgate exam hold under US import clearance? Share your experience in handling Tailgate Exam hold under US import customs clearance.


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Comment below your thoughts about Tail Gate Exam Holds and request you to discuss about the exam hold charges payable by importers to private parties under exam holds in US import clearance.


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