Indian banking process to extend the time of realization of export invoice amount

RBI rules of operation on EXTENSION OF TIME OF REALIZATION PERIOD under Exports from India

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on Export Banker's formalities on Extension of time of export realization of invoice amount is given below:

C.20 Extension of time

(i) The Reserve Bank of India has permitted the AD Category – I banks to extend the period of realization of export proceeds beyond stipulated period of realization from the date of export, up to a period of six months, at a time, irrespective of the invoice value of the export subject to the following conditions:

a) The export transactions covered by the invoices are not under investigation by Directorate of Enforcement / Central Bureau of Investigation or other investigating agencies,

b) The AD Category – I bank is satisfied that the exporter has not been able to realize export proceeds for reasons beyond his control,

c) The exporter submits a declaration that the export proceeds will be realized during the extended period,

d) While considering extension beyond one year from the date of export, the total outstanding of the exporter does not exceed USD one million or 10 per cent of the average export realizations during the preceding three financial years, whichever is higher.


20e) In cases where the exporter has filed suits abroad against the buyer, extension may be granted irrespective of the amount involved / outstanding.

(ii) Cases which are not covered by the above instructions would require prior approval from the concerned Regional Office of the Reserve Bank.

(iii) Reporting should be done in EDPMS.

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