Banking process on EDF Approval for Trade Fair and Exhibitions abroad

RBI guidelines to account EDF Approval for Trade Fair/Exhibitions abroad

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on EDF Approval for Trade Fair/Exhibitions abroad, Exporter's Bank formalities is given below:


C.3 EDF Approval for Trade Fair/Exhibitions abroad

Firms / Companies and other organizations participating in Trade Fair/Exhibition abroad can take/export goods for exhibition and sale outside India without the prior approval of the Reserve Bank. Unsold exhibit items may be sold outside the exhibition/trade fair in the same country or in a third country. Such sales at discounted value are also permissible. It would also be permissible to 'gift’ unsold goods up to the value of USD 5000 per exporter, per exhibition/trade fair. AD Category – I banks may approve EDF of export items for display or display-cum-sale in trade fairs/exhibitions outside India subject to the following:

(i) The exporter shall produce relative Bill of Entry within one month of re-import into India of the unsold items.

(ii) The exporter shall report to the AD Category – I banks the method of disposal of all items exported, as well as the repatriation of proceeds to India.

(iii) Such transactions approved by the AD Category – I banks will be subject to 100 per cent audit by their internal inspectors/auditors.

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