Indian Banking process on Setting up of Offices abroad

How to set up an Offices at abroad by an Exporter?  Banking rules in India

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on RBI Guidelines on setting up offices in Abroad by an exporter is given below:


C.6 Setting up of Offices abroad and acquisition of immovable property for Overseas Offices

(i) At the time of setting up of the office, AD Category – I banks may allow remittances towards initial expenses up to fifteen per cent of the average annual sales/income or turnover during the last two financial years or up to twenty-five per cent of the net worth, whichever is higher.

(ii) For recurring expenses, remittances up to ten per cent of the average annual sales/income or turnover during the last two financial years may be sent for the purpose of normal business operations of the office (trading/non-trading)/branch or representative office outside India subject to the following terms and conditions:

a) The overseas branch/office has been set up or representative is posted overseas for conducting normal business activities of the Indian entity;

b) The overseas branch/office/representative shall not enter into any contract or agreement in contravention of the Act, Rules or Regulations made there under;

c) The overseas office (trading / non-trading) / branch / representative should not create any financial liabilities, contingent or otherwise, for the head office in India and also not invest surplus funds abroad without prior approval of the Reserve Bank. Any funds rendered surplus should be repatriated to India.

(iii) The details of bank accounts opened in the overseas country should be promptly reported to the AD Bank.

(iv) AD Category – I banks may also allow remittances by a company incorporated in India having overseas offices, within the above limits for initial and recurring expenses, to acquire immovable property outside India for its business and for residential purpose of its staff.

(v) The overseas office / branch of software exporter company/firm may repatriate to India 100 per cent of the contract value of each ‘off-site’ contract.

(vi) In case of companies taking up ‘on site’ contracts, they should repatriate the profits of such ‘on site’ contracts after the completion of the said contracts.

(vii) An audited yearly statement showing receipts under ‘off-site’ and ‘on-site’ contracts undertaken by the overseas office, expenses and repatriation thereon may be sent to the AD Category – I banks.

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