Bank EDF process on Export of goods through Post

Indian Banking procedures on Export of Goods through post

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on RBI directions to account on Postal export of goods is given below:

 B.3  Export of goods through Post

Postal Authorities shall allow export of goods by post only if the original copy of the EDF has been countersigned by an AD. Therefore, EDF which involve sending goods by post should be first presented by the exporter to an AD for countersignature. The procedure is as under:

(i) AD shall countersign EDF after ensuring that the parcel has been addressed to their branch or correspondent bank in the country of import and return the original copy to the exporter, who shall then submit the EDF to the post office with the parcel.

(ii) The duplicate copy of EDF shall be retained by the AD to whom the exporter shall submit relevant documents together with an extra copy of invoice for negotiation/collection, within the prescribed period of 21 days.

(iii) The concerned overseas branch or correspondent shall be instructed to deliver the parcel to consignee against payment or acceptance of relative bill.

(iv) AD may, however, countersign EDF covering parcels addressed direct to the consignees, provided:

  1. An irrevocable letter of credit for the full value of export has been opened in favor of the exporter and has been advised through the AD concerned.

  2. The full value of the shipment has been received in advance by the exporter through an AD.

  3. The AD is satisfied, on the basis of the standing and track record of the exporter and the arrangements made for realization of the export proceeds.

In such cases, particulars of advance payment/letter of credit / AD’s certification of standing, etc., of the exporter should be furnished on the form under proper authentication.

(v) Any alteration in the name and address of consignee on the EDF form should also be authenticated by AD under its stamp and signature.




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