Mismatch in export invoice amount and actually realized amount, Banking process in India

How does bank treat, if mismatch in Export Invoice amount and realized amount?

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on RBI formalities to account the difference amount between Export Invoice value and Actually realized amount is given below:


C.11 Part Drawings/ Undrawn Balances

(i) In certain lines of export trade, it is the practice to leave a small part of the invoice value undrawn for payment after adjustment due to differences in weight, quality, etc., to be ascertained after arrival and inspection, weighment or analysis of the goods. In such cases, AD Category – I banks may negotiate the bills, provided:

a) The amount of undrawn balance is considered normal in the particular line of export trade, subject to a maximum of 10 per cent of the full export value.

b) An undertaking is obtained from the exporter on the duplicate of EDF forms that he will surrender/account for the balance proceeds of the shipment within the period prescribed for realization.

(ii) In cases where the exporter has not been able to arrange for repatriation of the undrawn balance in spite of best efforts, AD Category – I banks, on being satisfied with the bona fides of the case, should ensure that the exporter has realized at least the value for which the bill was initially drawn (excluding undrawn balances) or 90 per cent of the value declared on EDF form, whichever is more and a period of one year has elapsed from the date of shipment.

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