EDF approval for export of goods for re-imports

RBI rules on EDF approval for export of goods for re-imports in India

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on Procedures of Exporters Bank in India on EDF approval for export of goods for re-imports is given below:


C.4 EDF approval for export of goods for re-imports

(i) AD Category – I banks may consider request from exporters for granting EDF approval in cases where goods are being exported for re-import after repairs / maintenance / testing / calibration, etc., subject to the condition that the exporter shall produce relative Bill of Entry within one month of re-import of the exported item from India.

(ii) Where the goods being exported for testing are destroyed during testing, AD Category – I banks may obtain a certificate issued by the testing agency that the goods have been destroyed during testing, in lieu of Bill of Entry for import.




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