SOFTEX Forms, Banking rules in India

RBI directions in India on Invoicing of Software Exports and SOFTEX forms

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on Indian Banking rules about Software Exports and SOFTEX forms is given below:


      B.5 SOFTEX Forms

(i) All software exporters can now file single as well as bulk SOFTEX form in the form of a statement in excel format to the competent authority for certification. Since the SOFTEX data from STPI/SEZ are being transmitted in electronic format to RBI, the exporters now have to submit the SOFTEX form in duplicate as per the revised procedure. STPI/SEZ will retain one copy and handover duplicate copy to exporters after due certification. As hitherto, the exporters have to provide information about all the invoices including the ones lesser than US$25000, in the bulk statement in excel format.

(ii) A common “SOFTEX Form” has been devised to declare single as well as bulk software exports.

(iii) Reserve Bank of India has extended the facility for online generation of the EDF Form Number and the SOFTEX Form Number (Single as well as Bulk for use in off-site software exports). The facility of manual allotment of single as well bulk SOFTEX form number by Regional Offices of RBI has been dispensed with accordingly.

(iv) Invoicing of software exports

a) For long duration contracts involving series of transmissions, the exporters should bill their overseas clients periodically, i.e., at least once a month or on reaching the ‘milestone’ as provided in the contract entered into with the overseas client and the last invoice / bill should be raised not later than 15 days from the date of completion of the contract. It would be in order for the exporters to submit a combined SOFTEX form for all the invoices raised on a particular overseas client, including advance remittances received in a month.

b) Contracts involving only ‘one-shot operation’, the invoice/bill should be raised within 15 days from the date of transmission.

c) The exporter should submit declaration in Form SOFTEX in quadruplicate in respect of export of computer software and audio / video / television software to the designated official concerned of the Government of India at STPI / EPZ /FTZ /SEZ for valuation / certification not later than 30 days from the date of invoice / the date of last invoice raised in a month, as indicated above. The designated officials may also certify the SOFTEX Forms of EOUs, which are registered with them.

d) The invoices raised on overseas clients as at (a) to (c) above will be subject to valuation of export declared on SOFTEX form by the designated official concerned of the Government of India and consequent amendment made in the invoice value, if necessary.

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