EDF procedures on Consolidation of air cargo and sea cargo

RBI guidelines on Consolidation of air cargo/sea cargo

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on Indian Banking process on Consolidation of  sea cargo and  Air cargo is given below:


   B.11   Consolidation of air cargo/sea cargo

(i) Consolidation of air cargo

a) Where air cargo is shipped under consolidation, the airline company’s Master Airway Bill will be issued to the Consolidating Cargo Agent. The Cargo agent in turn will issue his own House Airway Bills (HAWBs) to individual shippers.

b) AD Category – I banks may negotiate HAWBs only if the relative letter of credit specifically provides for negotiation of these documents in lieu of Airway Bills issued by the airline company.

(ii) Consolidation of sea cargo

a) AD Category – I banks may accept Forwarder’s Cargo Receipts (FCR) issued by IATA approved agents, in lieu of bills of lading, for negotiation / collection of shipping documents, in respect of export transactions backed by letters of credit, if the relative letter of credit specifically provides for negotiation of this document, in lieu of bill of lading even if the relative sale contract with the overseas buyer does not provide for acceptance of FCR as a shipping document, in lieu of bill of lading

b) Further, Authorized Dealers may, at their discretion, also accept FCR issued by Shipping companies of repute/IATA approved agents (in lieu of bill of lading), for purchase/discount/collection of shipping documents even in cases, where export transactions are not backed by letters of credit, provided their 'relative sale contract' with overseas buyer provides for acceptance of FCR as a shipping document in lieu of bill of lading. However, the acceptance of such FCR for purchase/discount would purely be the credit decision of the bank concerned who, among others, should satisfy itself about the bona fides of the transaction and the track record of the overseas buyer and the Indian supplier since FCRs are not negotiable documents. It would be advisable for the exporters to ensure due diligence on the overseas buyer, in such cases.


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