Export factoring on non-recourse basis, RBI conditions

Export Factoring on Non-recourse basis - Banking operational guidelines

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 08th January 2021, the directions on Exporter's bank guidelines on Export Factoring on non-recourse basis is given below:

 A.13 Export factoring on non-recourse basis

AD banks have been permitted to factor the export receivables on a non-recourse basis, so as to enable the exporters to improve their cash flow and meet their working capital requirements subject to conditions as under:

  1. AD banks may take their own business decision to enter into export factoring arrangement on non-recourse basis. They should ensure that their client is not over financed. Accordingly, they may determine the working capital requirement of their clients taking into account the value of the invoices purchased for factoring. The invoices purchased should represent genuine trade invoices.
  2. In case the export financing has not been done by the Export Factor, the Export Factor may pass on the net value to the financing bank/ Institution after realising the export proceeds.
  3. AD bank, being the Export Factor, should have an arrangement with the Import Factor for credit evaluation & collection of payment.
  4. Notation should be made on the invoice that importer has to make payment to the Import Factor.
  5. After factoring, the Export Factor may close the export bills and report the same in the Export Data Processing and Monitoring System (EDPMS) of the Reserve Bank of India.
  6. In case of single factor, not involving Import Factor overseas, the Export Factor may obtain credit evaluation details from the correspondent bank abroad.
  7. KYC and due diligence on the exporter shall be ensured by the Export Factor.



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