Bulk e-way bill generation

Bulk e-way bill generation steps


Bulk e-way bill generation facility is a simple solution for generating multiple e-way bills or consolidated e-way bills. A consolidated bulk e-Way bill is used when a user needs to generate multiple consolidated e-Way Bills in a one-time process.


Create bulk e-way bills on the e-way bill portal by following the steps

Log on to www.ewaybill.nic.in

Enter the User Name and Password, then the Captcha Code, and then click "Login"

After successful authentication of the credentials, the main menu of the e-way bill portal will open up

On the left hand side of the main menu of the e-way bill portal, click the option "E-way Bill"

To generate a consolidated Bulk e-Way Bill, user needs to select the sub option ‘Generate Bulk’ .

The user has to choose file and select the JSON to be uploaded. Once a JSON file is from the user’s system, the user needs to upload the same JSON file in the e-Way Bill portal and can use the file to generate consolidated bulk e-Way Bill.

On doing so, the portal will process the request. If there is an error, it will show up on the "Error Description" field. If all is in order, one will be able to generate the bulk e-way bill. However, to comply with this process, one needs to get a JSON file.


New device for e-waybill bulk  has been discharged with patches for existing highlights and increases of new highlights. Citizens can download the most recent instrument from the Login page- >help->Bulk Generation Tools->E-waybill JON Preparation.

The accompanying changes have been made in the most recent adaptation of the instrument:

Multiple things with same HSN code yet with various item depiction can be entered in EWB.

Another segment for Total Invoice value has been included the EWB Generation Tool. The total invoice value can be aggregate of assessable sum, charges and furthermore different charges as referenced in the receipt.

There is no change in JSON schema in that capacity, thus, citizens creating EWB JSON record from their framework can utilize the equivalent with change in just form number.

For generating a consolidated Bulk e-Way Bill the user needs to have the EWB bulk convertor or the excel file, which helps the user to convert the multiple consolidated e-Way Bills excel file into a single JSON file.


The documents contain all the attributes of e-waybill, consolidated e-waybill, Vehicle updation, and Transporter updation. The attributes will help the user for structuring the data as mentioned in the document. The corresponding JSON Schema explains the format of the JSON structure. Also, a sample of JSON file is included for reference. The validations done while uploading the JSON are also listed. This will help the user to check for these conditions before uploading the file thereby avoiding errors. The various masters will give you information about Supply type, Sub type, Document type, Transportation mode, Unit, States, Vehicle type. These masters can be referred while preparing the data for the JSON.



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