Terms used in trade such as Tax Holiday ,Teamwork,Technical Analysis, Technical Support etc


The terms used in business such as Tax Holiday ,Teamwork,Technical Analysis, Technical Support etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Tariff,Tariff Escalation,Tax , Tax Exile ,Tax Haven ,Tax Holiday ,Teamwork,Technical Analysis,Technical Support etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Tariff - A government tax on imported and exported goods.


Tariff Anomaly - The state of having a tariff on raw materials or semi-processed products be higher than the tariff on the corresponding finished product.


Tariff category / Espèce tarifaire :This is the designation of goods in terms of customs tariffs.


Tariff Engineering - The act of manufacturing something in order to get preferable duty treatment.


The terms used in  business such as Tax Holiday ,Teamwork,Technical Analysis, Technical Support  etcTariff Escalation - A situation in which duties are low or non-existent for raw materials, moderate for semi-manufactured goods and relatively high for finished products.


Tariff:Tariff is a table of fixed charges and a list of articles upon which duties are levied by the government when exported or imported.


Tariff-quota - A tariff that is set at a lower rate until a specified quantity (the quota) of goods has been imported, at which point the tariff increases for additional imports.


Tariffs - Taxes on imported goods and services, levied by governments to raise revenues and create barriers to trade.


Task Force - A group of people formed to work on a particular project or assignment.


Tax - A fee imposed by a government on personal or corporate income, products, services, etc., in order to raise revenue to pay for public services.


Tax Abatement - Also known as a Tax Holiday. An exemption or reduction of taxes by a government for certain companies for a specific period of time, often as an incentive for industrial development.


Tax Allowance - The amount of income that can be earned or received in one year before tax has to be paid.


Tax Arbitrage - Attempting to profit by exploiting the differences in tax rates or tax systems.


Tax Avoidance - Legal ways of paying the minimum amount of tax possible by making use of allowances and exemptions.


Tax Bracket - Based on income levels, the higher the income the higher the tax bracket, therefore people earning more money have to pay a higher rate of tax on the part of their income which is below the lower tax bracket allowance.


tax bracket: a range of income levels subject to marginal tax at the same rate.


Tax Evasion - Illegally avoidng paying tax, usually by making a false declaration of income.


Tax Exile - A person or business who chooses to leave a country to reside or operate in another country, usually called a Tax Haven, where taxes are much lower or there aren't any.


Tax Haven - A country or region imposing low or no taxes on foreign source income.


Tax Haven Affiliate - A wholly owned affiliate that is in a low-tax jurisdiction and that is used to channel funds to and from the multinational’s foreign operations. The tax benefits of tax-haven affiliates were largely removed in the United States by the Tax Reform Act of 1986.


Tax Holiday - A reduced tax rate provided by a government as an inducement to foreign direct investment.


tax incentive: a tax reduction afforded to people for particular purposes, for example, sending their children to college


Tax invoice - an invoice required for the supply of goods or services over a certain price. A valid tax invoice is required when claiming GST credits. See also Invoice.


Tax Lien - The right of a tax authority to claim assets belonging to a company or individual who default on tax payments.


Tax Neutrality - Taxes that do not interfere with the natural flow of capital toward its most productive use.


TAX NUMBER:A number assigned to a business that enables the business to buy wholesale without paying sales tax on goods and products. Contact your local court house for additional information.


tax refund: an amount that a government gives back to a taxpayer who has paid more taxes than were due.


tax return: an official form on which a company or individual enters details of income and expenses, used to assess tax liability.


tax shelter: a financial arrangement designed to reduce tax liability.


tax subsidy: a tax reduction that a government gives a business for a particular purpose, usually to create jobs.


Tax Treaty - An agreement specifying what items of income will be taxed by the authorities of the country where the income is earned.


tax: a governmental charge that is not a price for a good or service


taxable: subject to tax.


T-Bill: a debt instrument of the U.S. government. (Treasury Bill)


T-Commerce - Television Commerce. The purchasing and selling of products and services using interactive television.


Team Player - A person in any type of profession who works well as a member of a team.


team player: somebody who works well within a team.


teamwork: collaboration by a group of people to achieve a common purpose.


Teaser Ad - A brief advertisement which reveals only a little bit of information about a product, usually not yet available, in order to arouse widespread interest.


Teaser Rate - A low rate of interest, for example on a mortgage, loan, credit card, etc., which is below the going market rate and available for only a short period of time in order to attract borrowers.


Techie - A person who is very knowledgable, or an expert, in technology, especially computing.


Technical Analysis - Any method of forecasting future exchange rates based on the history of exchange rates.


Technical Analyst - A stock market analyst who uses charts and computer programs to study investments in order to predict the future of share prices, etc.


Technical Support - A service provided by the vendor of technology products, such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc., which the purchaser can use if they need help using the product.


Tele Quale (According to Sample):The term ‘tele quale’ means that the cargo of a ship is held to be the same as the sample submitted.


telebanking: electronic banking carried out by using a telephone line to communicate with a bank.


Telecommunications - Known informally as Telecoms. Communicating over long distances by telephone, e-mail, etc.


telecommute: to work without leaving your home by using telephone lines to carry data between your home and your employer's place of business.


Teleconference - A conference involving two or more people at different locations, using telecommunications equipment, such as computers, video, telephone, etc.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Tariff,Tariff Escalation,Tax , Tax Exile ,Tax Haven ,Tax Holiday ,Teamwork,Technical Analysis, Technical Support etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Take-Home Pay,Talent,Tare ,target marketing, Targeted Registered Offerings,Target Company etc

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