Terms used in trade such as Registered Company, Registrar, Registration Statement ,Remunerate,Renewal Notice,Rental Fleet etc


The terms used in business such as Registered Company, Registrar, Registration Statement ,Remunerate,Renewal Notice,Rental Fleet etc



This post explains about terms used in business such Reference,Reference Pricing,Refund,Registered Capital,Registered Company,Registrar,Registration Statement ,Remunerate,Renewal Notice,Rental Fleet etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Refer To Drawer - In the UK, a phrase used by banks when someone's account does not have sufficient funds to clear a cheque which they have written, or the cheque has been written incorrectly.


Reference - A letter/statement written about a person by someone who knows them, detailing their abilities, character, qualifications, etc., which is sent to a prospective employer.


Reference Pricing - A very widely used and highly controversial marketing/advertising/promotional tactic, by which a selling company advertises a product (or less commonly a service) at a (usually heavily) discounted price compared to a (typically unfeasibly high) previous selling price, commonly described by the seller as the 'usual' or 'normal' price (the 'reference price'). For (real) example a major supermarket chain advert/packaging offer: "Strawberries - normal price £3.99 - NOW HALF-PRICE AT JUST £1.99!!" when in fact the strawberries were on sale in one branch at the high £3.99 'reference price' for just one week, and the 'reduced' price is available generally and for several months in all other branches (Tesco was fined £300,000 for this breach of trading standards in 2013). The practice of reference pricing when it is a genuine reduction is perfectly legitimate, however in very many situations the tactic is used cynically and misleadingly, particularly in consumer marketing by major retailers, notably in groceries, homeware, electricals, computers, furniture, etc. The domestic furniture/sofa/bed/carpets retail sectors are traditionally deeply committed to reference pricing tactics which commonly breach legal and ethical trading standards. The misleading use of reference pricing is an example of poorly developed and/or inadequately operated Corporate Governance.

The terms used in  business such as Registered Company, Registrar, Registration Statement ,Remunerate,Renewal Notice,Rental Fleet  etc

Refinance - when a new loan is taken out to pay off an existing one. Refinancing is often done to extend the original loan over a longer period of time, reduce fees or interest rates, switch banks, or move from a fixed to variable loan.


refinance: to replace one loan with another, especially at a lower rate of interest.


Refitting / Repiquage :New printout of a text or illustration on something that has already been printed or created. For example, refitting envelopes that already have your business's logo and address with a blurb or catcher.


Refund / Restitution :Subsidy allowed for the export of some of the Community's agricultural products to third countries.


refund: the reimbursement of the purchase price of a good or service, for reasons such as faults in manufacturing or dissatisfaction with the service provided.


Regional Development Banks (RDBs) - Banks that are owned and operated by member nations; they are designed to extend development loans and provide other assistance to member nations. The world's four regional development banks are the African Development Bank Group, the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Inter-American Development Bank.


Regional Value Content (RVC) - A rule that requires a product to be made up of a certain percentage of originating content.


Registered Capital - Also called Authorised Capital. The maximum value of shares which a company can legally issue.


Registered Company - In the US, a company which has filed an SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) registration, and may issue new shares. In the UK, a company which is listed on the Companies Register as a limited private company, a public limited company, or an unlimited company.


Registered office / Siège social :Specific place identified in the articles of association of a company, which constitutes its address and determines, in most cases, its nationality.


Registered Office - the official address of a limited company as stated on the register at Companies House. Any documents delivered to this address are considered to be legally served on the company.


Registered trademark / Enregistrement de marque :Inscription in the national registry of trademarks by a registry office such as INPI of a trademark that has been filed and considered as valid, after examination or rejection of any objections. Official notice is given of such inscription.


Registered Trademark - A distinctive symbol, name, etc., on a product or company, which is registered and protected by law so it cannot legally be used by anyone else.


Registrar - A person in a company or organisation who is in charge of official records.


Registration Statement - In the United States, a statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on securities issues that discloses relevant information to the public.


Registration Statement - In the US, a legal document containing details about a company's activities, financial status, etc., which must be submitted to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) before the company can issue shares.


Regular Billing - A standard bill sent in the normal monthly Sprint billing cycle. This billing consists of one bill for each account assigned to the customer with explanatory detail showing the derivation of the charges.


Regular Voice Grade Facility - A communications channel with a bandwidth of approximately 2,700 Hertz (300 to 3,000 Hertz).


Re-insurance:This refers to a contract of insurance for the second time. Under the agreement, in consideration of a certain premium, his original insurer shifts the part of a risk on insurance on the shoulders of another insurer or insurance company so that the possible loss may be widely distributed.


Re-invoicing Centers - An offshore financial affiliate that is used to channel funds to and from the multinational’s foreign operations.


Release for free circulation / Mise en libre pratique :Customs regulation which confers upon third party goods a community goods status after application of commercial policy measures, the fulfilment of other formalities for import into the customs jurisdiction of the European Community and the collection of the customs duty legally due.


Remittance - The forwarding of funds from one party to another as payment for goods or services.


Remunerate - To pay a person for services rendered, goods, losses incurred, etc.


Renewal Notice - An advanced notice of payment required to renew insurance cover, subscription, etc., by a certain date.


Rent to buy - is a type of finance arrangement where a good is purchased through an initial deposit and then 'leased' while the good is paid off. Once the good is fully paid the purchaser has the option (but no obligation) to buy the good or continue leasing. See also Hire purchase.


Rental Fleet - Cars, vans, etc., which a business leases from a vehicle leasing company for its workers to use, usually sales teams, executives, service engineers, etc.


Repatriation - The act of remitting cash flows from a foreign affiliate to the parent firm.


Repeat order /Commande renouvelée:A new request for goods that have already been purchased earlier on.


Reply slip or card / Bulletin-réponse ou Coupon :Part of a mailing that the addressee returns to the sender if he or she so desires. If possible should be coded to permit analysis of results by list.


Reporting Line - In a business or organisation, employees, managers, etc., who report to the next person higher up, usually their boss.


Repossess - the process of a bank or other lender taking ownership of property/assets for the purpose of paying off a loan in default.


Repossess - To take back property, goods, etc., usually from an individual or organisation who has failed to repay a loan or has defaulted on a repayment plan.


Representation:  A statement or condition made that something is true or  accurate


Representative / Représentant :In the United States, a representative is an internal sales agent, that is, he is an employee of the company he works for. He is generally entrusted with a well-defined sales territory and maintains a continuous relationship with the company's partners (for instance, wholesalers and retailers).


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Reference, Reference Pricing,Refund,Registered Capital,Registered Company, Registrar, Registration Statement ,Remunerate,Renewal Notice,Rental Fleet etc These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post. Terms used in business such as Reciprocity,Reconsignment,Record keeping, Recruit etc.

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