Terms used in trade such as Hysteresis,Icon,Identity Theft,International Direct Mail,Impaired capital,Implied terms etc


Terms used in business such as Hysteresis,Icon,Identity Theft,International Direct Mail,Impaired capital,Implied terms etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Hysteresis,Icon,Identity Theft,International Direct Mail,Impaired capital,Implied terms ,Import,Impression,Imprest System,Impound,Inactive customers etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Hysteresis - The behavior of firms that fail to enter markets that appear attractive and, once invested, persist in operating at a loss. This behavior is characteristic of situations with high entry and exit costs along with high uncertainty.


IATA / IATA :International Air Transport Association.


IBN / BNI-IBN :"L'Institut belge de Normalisation" (Belgian Standards Institute) is the body responsible for compiling standards and promoting their use in Belgium.


IBRD / BIRD :The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, established in 1945, under the Breton Woods agreements, finances reconstruction projects and grants loans aimed at stimulating growth in deficit countries.


Terms used in  business such as Hysteresis,Icon,Identity Theft,International Direct Mail,Impaired capital,Implied terms etcICC / CCI :The International Chamber of Commerce advises companies with regard to their international trade policies. In addition, it defends the interests of business in international trade.


Icon - a symbol or image which represents a more complex thing, such as a person, or a concept. Icon has come also to mean a role-model or leading example (i.e., symbolically representative of the best of its class). Icon also refers to computerized symbols or other small symbols which are used to convey a meaning, especially in signage and designs of electronic devices intended to be intuitive and self-explanatory in operation. Icon is from Greek, eikon, meaning likeness or image, which originally was used to refer to religious devotional paintings, notably of Christ. The word and modern meaning of icon features popularly now in the portmanteau computer/internet/phone term 'emoticon' (emotion and icon) which is a symbol for conveying mood in electronic messages.


ICT SME Participation Scheme:The ICT SME Participation Scheme is a requirement for Queensland Government procurement of information and communication technology (ICT) products and services. Compliance with the scheme is required as per Information Standard 13. The scheme aims to help ICT small to medium enterprises (any business employing less than 200 people) gain greater access to the Queensland Government market.


Idea Showers - Usually called Brainstorming. A method of problem solving involving members of a group meeting and sharing ideas.


Identity Theft - A crime in which someone obtains another person's personal information, such as passport, credit card details, etc., and poses as that person in order to steal money, get benefits, make purchases, etc.


Idle Time - The time that a piece of equipment or a machine, such a as computer, is available, but is not being used.


IDM (International Direct Mail) / IDM (International Direct Mail) :Mailing option offered by sg-v2 that includes preferential rates and economical services for Direct Marketing letters of the same weight, format, and content.


IEC / CEI :The International Electrotechnical Commission is the technical industry's international standards body. The IEC sets international standards in the fields of electronics and telecommunications.


IMF / FMI :The International Monetary Fund is an international organization which grants loans to countries facing balance of payments difficulties.


IMF: International Monetary Fund, the organization that industrialized nations have established to reduce trade barriers and stabilize currencies, especially those of less industrialized nations.


IMO / OMI :The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a specialized organization of the United Nations, which aims to improve maritime safety and the prevention of pollution caused by ships. The IMO also deals with maritime liability, compensation and international aspects, and the facilitation of maritime traffic. An IMO number is a number that identifies ships. It is awarded by the IHS Fairplay, to merchant vessels over 100 tons. Associated with a shell, it is invariant regardless of changes in ownership, flag or ship's name. It consists of the letters "IMO" followed by a seven digit number (e.g. IMO 1234567).


Impaired capital: a company's capital that is worth less than the par value of its stock.


Impeach - To charge somebody, usually a government official, with serious misconduct. To cast somebody out of public office, for example a president or courtroom judge because of a serious crime or misdemeanor.


Imperfect Market - A market in which buyers do not have access to enough information about prices and products, and where buyers or sellers can have an influence over the quantity and price of goods sold.


Implicit Tax - Lower (higher) before-tax required returns on assets that are subject to lower (higher) tax rates.


Implied terms - terms and clauses that are implied in a contract by law or custom without actually being mentioned by any party. For example, in a contract to supply services there is an implied term that the service will be carried out with reasonable care and skill. Terms implied by custom can always be overridden by express terms, but some terms implied by law cannot be overridden.


Import / Importation :To bring in goods, services, ideas or people from one country into another.


Import - Any resource, intermediate good, or final good or service that buyers in one country purchase from sellers in another country.


Import Duty - A tax charged on certain goods which are brought into a country.


Import licence / Licence d'importation :Document issued by the ministry of agriculture, the customs and excise authorities or regional tax authorities of the relevant country for the importing of certain farm products.


Import License - A document required and issued by some national government authorizing the importation of goods into their individual countries.


Import: a product or service brought into another country from its country of origin either for sale or for use in manufacturing.


Impound - To seize and hold property, funds, etc., in custody (typically by a state-empowered authority), often during legal dispute.


Impression: a measure of the number of times an online advertisement is viewed.


Imprest System:It is a method of maintaining a petty cash. Under the system a fixed sum of money is advanced to the- petty cashier for meeting possible petty expense (like postage, telegrams, etc.) of the business for a certain period say a week, a fortnight or a month. Money so given to the petty cashier is known as the “impress” amount. At the end of regular agreed intervals, the petty cashier submits his statement of petty expenditures. The general cashier on receipt of such statement refunds to the petty cashier the exact amount spent by him ((petty cashier) during, the period. Thus at the commencement of each succeeding period the balance of petty cash in hand will restore the original sum.


Inactive / Inactif :Former client who has not made a purchase during a given period.


Inactive customers / Clients inactifs :Customers whose last purchase was not made recently (as above, the definition of “recent” depends of the type of product or services sold). Active and inactive customers should make up two distinct parts of your customer database, and be treated differently (special offers, reminders, MD XXX, motivation, etc.)


Incapacity Benefit - A state benefit in the UK which is paid to people below pensionable age who have made National Insurance contributions, and who are too ill or disabled to work.


Incentive Marketing - The offering of rewards or gifts to sales people as an incentive to get more orders from dealers or customers. To offer customers rewards for buying products or services.


Incentive program: an award or reward scheme designed to improve sales force or retail performance.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Hysteresis,Icon,Identity Theft,International Direct Mail,Impaired capital,Implied terms ,Import,Impression,Imprest System,Impound,Inactive customers etc.These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Home page,Homogeneous Expectations,Horizontal Sector,Horizontal Integration, Hothouse/Hothousing etcEnter a post title

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