Terms used in business such as Auteur,Autocratic ,Avant Garde,B2B,B2C ,Back Freight etc


Terms used in business such as Auteur,Autocratic ,Avant Garde,B2B,B2C ,Back Freight etc.


 This post explains about terms used in business such as At Premium, Attrition, Audit, Auteur,Autocratic ,Avant Garde,B2B,B2C ,Back Freight etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


At Premium:It means more value of shares and debentures i.e. higher value than the face- value of shares or debentures.


At warehouse / Rendu entrepôt :Said of a price of goods which includes delivery and loading.


ATA carnet / Carnet ATA :An ATA carnet is an international customs document instituted in 1961 by the Brussels Convention. The Convention allows an exporter to transit his goods temporarily through several successive countries without having to make a customs declaration at each frontier.


Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean Regions - When used to designate an international termination point, the terms "Atlantic," "Indian" and "Pacific" ocean regions indicate that calls can be completed to ships or oil rigs in those areas.


Terms used in  business such as Auteur,Autocratic ,Avant Garde,B2B,B2C ,Back Freight etcATM / Bancontact :Automatic teller machine, cashpoint.


Atmosphere - In films, TV, etc., a general crowd of people, extras.


ATR / ATR :An ATR is a certificate for the movement of goods within the framework of EC/Turkey relations. This document allows exporters to benefit from the free movement or preferential systems. The ATR document has to be stamped by the customs authorities of the exporting state.


Attrition - The process of reducing the number of employees in an organisation by not replacing people who leave their jobs.


Attrition / Attrition :Loss of customers.


Auction Sale:Auction sale is a method &f selling an asset to a person in competition in the presence of public bidders. The person offering the highest bid (highest amount of money) is given the property thus auctioned. Generally, the Sale is done by giving a public notice in the press.


Audiotaping: The act of recording onto an audiotape.


Audit :Audit is the verification (searching examination) of all books of accounts, vouchers, etc., by an auditor, a specialized person; this is done to see that they are properly kept and that no fraud has been committed by the party maintaining these books. This checking job is generally conducted at regular intervals such as half yearly or annually.


AUDIT: Verification of financial records and accounting procedures generally conducted by a CPA or accounting firm or if you're really unlucky, the IRS.


Auditor - A qualified person who officially examines the financial records of a company to check their accuracy.


Autarky - In models of international trade, a situation in which there is no cross-border trade.


Auteur - An artist or creative, for example a film director, whose personal style is recognizable because he/she keeps tight control over all aspects of the work.


Authentication: E-COMMERCE a software security verification procedure to acknowledge or validate an e-commerce message's source, uniqueness, and integrity to make sure data is not being tampered with

Authorized User - A person, firm, or corporation, who is authorized by the customer to be connected to the Service of the customer.


Autocratic - Offensively self-assured or given to exercising unwarranted power. Expecting to be obeyed and not caring about the opinions and feeling of others. See X-Y Theory.


Automatic Number Identification (ANI) - The calling telephone number identification which is forwarded to Sprint's network by the Local Exchange Company (LEC) as a call is placed. ANI is provided by the LEC only when Feature Group B direct or Feature Group D interconnections are used to gain access to Sprint's telecommunications service.


AV - Anti-Virus, a common abbreviation referring to virus protection software/services for computer and internet use.


Avant Garde - New or original and often unconventional techniques, concepts, products, etc, usually associated with the arts and creative areas.


Avatar - An identity, often in cartoon form, which can be chosen from a selection or created by the person using it to represent themselves in a website chatroom, etc.


Average Daily Rate - In the hotel industry a calculation of the average price at which a hotel room is booked each night based on total daily revenue divided by the number of rooms sold. The term may have more general meanings in other contexts.


Average Due Date: An Average Due Date is an equated date on which a single payment (in place of several payments) may be made of amounts due on different dates. This method of payment is used for settling payments of Bills of Exchange, which are due for payment on different dates.


Average Loss: It signifies the loss or damage, which arises inconsequent upon extraordinary sacrifices made or expenses incurred for the preservation of the ship and cargo. This loss must be borne proportionately by all who are interested e.g. cargo owners, ship owners, charterers and so on. Remuneration paid to salvers to salve the whole of the property at risk, money paid to pirates for the purpose of saving both the ship and the cargo, and general average sacrifice such as throwing of goods into the sea to lighten the ship are the few examples of such loss.


Award: The term is used to mean judicial decision, judgment, especially of arbitrators.


AWB / LTA : An airway bill of lading is a contract of transport issued in triplicate by the shipping agent for an air shipment.


B Channel - A 64 Kbps or 56 Kbps digital path capable of transporting voice and data.


B.C. Rate: The abbreviation stands for the words ‘Bill Collection Rate.’ This is the rate of exchange at which bills received from foreign branches or agents will be collected in home currency.


B2B - Business-To-Business, or in normal communications 'business to business'. This refers to a commercial trading model by which a business supplies other businesses, and by implication does not generally supply consumers, i.e., domestic private customers (which would be B2C). A B2B provider is therefore a provider of business services or products, for example: company auditors, manufacturers of industrial machinery, conference organizers, corporate hospitality, advertising agencies, trade journals, wholesalers, warehousing and logistics, management consultancies, mining, farming, industrial chemicals, paper mills, etc. More detail at B2B in the acronyms glossary.


B2B :In b2b type, business takes place among many business organizations such as wholesaler and retailers.


B2B: (abbr) E-COMMERCE business to business, relating to an advertising or marketing program aimed at businesses doing business with other businesses as opposed to consumers.


B2C :Under this system, consumers buy goods directly from manufacturers or any other businessmen.


B8ZS (Bipolar with 8-Zero Substitution) - A line coding technique which permits DS-0 and DS-1 transmission with more than 15 consecutive zeros. B8ZS supports 64 Kbps clear channel transmission.


Back Freight: It denotes repayment of freight by a ship owner owing to his fault, if a ship owner fails to deliver the goods according to the terms of contract; the freight returned (partly or wholly) to the owner of the goods is called back freight.


Back office: the administrative staff of a company who do not have face-to-face contact with the company's customers.


Back pay: pay that is owed to an employee for work carried out before the current payment period and is either overdue or results from a backdated pay increase.


Back Shift - A group of workers or the period worked from late afternoon until late at night in an industry or occupation where there is also a day shift and a night shift.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as At Premium, Attrition, Audit, Auteur,Autocratic ,Avant Garde,B2B,B2C ,Back Freight etc.These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Absolute advantage, Ad Valorem Rate, Ad Valorem Tariff etc


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