HS code of insulated wire, cable etc, opt sheath fib cables

Conditions of Bank to provide Export Packing Credit to Sub-Suppliers
Packing credit pre shipment finance to suppliers for exports through other export agencies
Bank Running Account Facility for Exporters
Negotiation procedures and formalities of export bills
Non receipt of Cargo Arrival Notice, Can importer sue against shipping company

OBL not released OBL not surrendered no telex release
Payment procedures in Triangular exports


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chapter 85 electrical machinery and equip. and parts, telecommunications equip., sound recorders, television recorders

Know HTS code (HS code) of your product

How to export goods from India?

Export benefit schemes in India

Export procedures and documentation

How to get Export Order?

How to import goods to India?

Find ITC code of your product

Indian Budget 2016-17, Duty changes in Excise, Customs and ST

Export benefit schemes from Export Promotion Councils


8544  insulated wire, cable etc, opt sheath fib cables

854411  Winding Wire of Copper
854419  Other Winding Wire
854420  Co-axial Cable and Other Co-axial Conductors
854430  Ignition Wiring Sets & Other Wiring Sets, for Vehicles, Aircraft or Ship
854441  Other Electric Conductors, Fitted With Connectors, Not Exceeding 80v
854449  Other Electric Conductors, for a Voltage Not Exceeding 80v
854451  Other Electric Conductors, Fitted With Connectors, Voltage 80-1, 000v854459 Other Electric Conductors, Exceeding 80v But Not Exceeding 1, 000v
854460  Other Electric Conductors, for a Voltage Exceeding 1, 000v
854470  Optical Fibre Cables


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GST Exemption list of goods and services

Find HSN number or Service tariff code for GST

GST registration guidelines

Indian GST Laws

How to export your goods? 

What is Manifest Hold by US customs on import
What is MET exam in US import customs clearance
What is legalization of documents by embassy?
What is LET EXPORT order in export trade?
What is Line number in IGM
What does ECGC do on default of payment of any overseas buyer?
Import of milk,cheese,curd, Kephir and other milk products
Importation processes of Fish and crustaceans
How to import Meat and Edible meat offal
Bank Packing credit to exporters of Floriculture, Grapes and Other Agro-based Products
How is packing credit/pre shipment finance be liquidated?
Bank Pre shipment Finance to exporters
Dimension details of 20’ Hard Top Container
Common tips to importers of Sugars and Sugar Confectionery
Tips to importers of Edible preparations of fish,meat,crustaceans etc

Tips to importers of Bamboos,Rattans,Reeds,Rushes,pips,Betel leaves, Coconut shell, Rudraksha seeds
Tips to import Gums,Resins and other vegetable saps and extracts


Subhra Roy: Dear sir i want to IMPORT Micro SD card & pendrive, please tell me what is the HS code?

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