Goods code for other than gold coin not being legal tender or being legal tender

Export goods code for Coin, Being legal tender. Import goods code for Coin other than gold coin,. Merchandise code for Coin, Being legal tender.  Goods code 711810  is for which merchandise?HS CODE  711890  stands for which product?Product code 711810  against which commodity?Commodity code 711890  meant for which product?

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chapter 71 pearls, stones, prec. metals, imitation jewelry, coins

7118   coin

711810  Coin (other than gold coin), not being legal tender
711890  Other Coin, Being legal tender


How to import Coin other than gold coin, being legal tender   and other goods mentioned above.

Procedures to export Coin other than gold coin, being legal tender and other goods mentioned above.



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This post explains:

What is the HS code for Coin other than gold coin,?What is HTS code  for Coin, Being legal tender? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Coin other than gold coin. What is the Product code for import of Coin, Being legal tender.How to get commodity code to export Coin other than gold coin,.   


Kumar: How to export silver coin from India. I spoke to Fedex , DHL, UPS and these shipping companies do not take shipment for silver coins. Please help Kumar

vikram mehta: Whether gold coin which is not a legal tender shall fall in 7118 or 7114. World over the gold coins are sold under 7114 so how would one interpret the classification of 7118 90 00 - Other Whether gold coins will be covered under above head or 7114

PRADOSH RAY CHAUDHURI: I have Gold and Silver Coins But I am not able to find the legal ways to send those to USA. I spoke to Customs office at Kolkata - they said that if Archaeology department give the certificate that those coins are not the Curio then Customs will permit to send Coins to USA. Some Custom officer also ask for RBI permission. Can any one guide me ? Also can anyone tell about 7114 ?

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