Difference between EGM and IGM

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Difference between EGM and IGM

What is the difference between IGM and EGM. How to differ Export General Manifest (EGM) with Import General Manifest (IGM). What is Export General Manifest EGM and what is Import General Manifest IGM.

Export General Manifest (EGM)

EGM in export trade means Export General Manifest. This is the document which has to be filed with customs department by shipping liners or air craft liners. Once your cargo crossed the border of your country, the ‘export’ taken place and government of the said country treat the said goods as ‘export’. As per customs point of view, once issued ‘let export order’ customs department allowed the cargo to move out of country. Further tracking on the cargo is not availabDifference between EGM and IGM le with the customs. In other words, issuing ‘let export order’ does not mean that cargo moved out of country.


The act of movement of cargo is carried out by the carrier of goods. Once after completion of customs formalities, goods are moved by the carrier. Once the cargo crossed border of the country, carrier intimates customs department by filing necessary documents regarding the departure of the goods with details of vessel/aircraft, date of sailing/flying etc. EGM is one of the proofs taken by customs department as proof of export while certifying the export promotion copy of shipping bill.  Also read EGM (Export General Manifest)   Difference between EGM and shipping bill


Import General Manifest (IGM)

If any goods arriving after crossing border to your country is called imports. Generally, imports are by air or sea. Once after arrival of goods at airport or sea port, the carrier has to intimate customs department of the respective country about the complete details of arrival of goods. This intimation is filed in a specified format instructed by customs department. Accordingly the carrier of goods files the details of cargo in specified format with customs immediately up on arrival of goods. This procedure is called import manifesting. Once after filing import manifest, the importer or his appointed customs broker files Bill of Entry with customs department to complete the customs procedures to take delivery of cargo. Once the procedures and formalities completed, the goods is ‘passed out of customs’. The importer can take delivery of goods with the permission of carrier.  Also read Import General Manifest (IGM)    Procedures to file IGM (Import General Manifest)     Difference between IGM and Gateway IGM

We have discussed now about the EGM and IGM by distinguishing between EGM and IGM.

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EGM (Export General Manifest)

Difference between EGM and shipping bill

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Alosyous Paul: i AM very much satisfied by the details you provided,, thank you very much for your valuable information, do you any site that i can get notifications about shipping activities

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Shashikant B. Yadav: The explaination & information provided can be easily understood for beginners. Thank you very much.

Jaideep: In case of an import into a bonded warehouse what is the standard procedure for issue of IGM?

Rajsingh: thanks for good information

John Tanak : We are exporter. We have a question about the timing of vessel arrival and presentation of original Bill of Lading by the Buyer (Cosignee) at delivery port in order to release cargo. If the buyer issues the L/C payment to us, we have to process Bill of Lading with L/C all the way to the buyer's bank from the designated bank in USA. It takes time to get paid and also to release the Bill of Lading to the buyer at buyer's bank by the buyer's bank officer. Now if the vessel arrived at destination port earlier than the buyer is able to release the cargo by original Bill of Lading obtained from the buyer's bank, what is the consequence? Does the ocean freight company charge penalty for B/L delay in timing? Is it similar to demur rage charge at departure port ?

Admin: Hi John Tanak, Your questions are very relevant in present export import business scenario. So the buyer and seller mutually have to decide the terms of payment and terms of release of BL (whether express release, surrender of OBL etc.)on the basis of transit time of goods to avoid the situation you mentioned.

pankaj jatoliya: What are total taxes in export Procedures, means would is it Possible to enlist the total numbers of Taxes , with their name used in total Export Process.

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