Criticism against Special Valuation Branch of Indian Customs



Criticism against Special Valuation Branch of Indian Customs




Lack of outstanding (anonymity) of Indian Customs officials.

India is presently following the provisions of the WTO Agreement on Customs Valuation (ACV) for determination of value on imported goods where Customs duty is levied with reference to value (ad-valorem rates). However, this does not apply to cases where tariff values have been fixed (see legal provisions below).  However, criticizers argue that Indian Customs system is not satisfactory in turn anonymity.  


Delay in receiving questionnaire

Once after declaring as related party with  Special Valuation Branch by CHA of importer, the concerned customs department of SVB Branch has to issue questionnaire to importer and the reply is mandatory within 30 days. Here, the delay in receiving questionnaire is menace, according to importers, as till such time, all imports from related party would be subject to 1 % Extra Duty Deposit (EDD) of the declared import value and 5% thereafter on default of obtaining  Special Valuation Branch order.


Inefficiency of Indian Customs Department

The officials in charge of imports and exports represented on behalf of multinational companies complain about the inefficiency of Indian customs department  on exorbitant delay in processing  Special Valuation Branch files  in turn loss of revenue in all means.

Feeling harassment and nuisance value of Indian Customs with red tap files

The representatives of Importers or exporters who are related parties required to be registered with  Special Valuation Branch are not fully happy with Indian Customs Department SVB cell on approach adopted to importers/exporters , as some of the feel  harassments and nuisance.  

How to register with SVB?   
List of Documents required to be submitted in case of subsidiaries,collaboration agreement etc.
List of documents required to be submitted in case of sole agents, sole distributer etc under SVB.   
Questionnaire under Special Valuation Branch   
Method of customs valuation under Special Valuation Branch SVB   
Transaction value under Special Valuation Branch (SVB)   
Procedure for Renewal of SVB (Special Valuation Branch) order   
Special Valuation Branch – Frequently Asked Questions   
Finalization of Special Valuation Branch (SVB) cases   
Customs procedures on Special Valuation Branch (SVB)   
Documents required to be submitted to SVB  
Not registered with SVB, What are the procedures?   
Who should register with SVB (Special Valuation Branch)   
Appeal on the orders of SVB    What is Section 14(1) of Indian Customs Act, 1962?   
Organizational Structure of Special Valuation Branch   
No EDD charges under SVB for EOUs/SEZs  
What is Rule 10 of Customs Valuation (Imports) explained?   
What is Rule 3(2) of the Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007?   
What are the measuring rods included in Transaction value of imported goods?   
Rule 2(2) of the Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Imported Goods) Rules, 2007   
Rule 2(1) of the Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007   
Guidelines to Special Valuation Branch (SVB) as per Circular No. 11/2001-Cus., dated 23-2-2001 Indian Customs   
The format of PD Bond for Special Valuation Branch    
Circular No 50 dt 29th January 2009


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rudolf: A vessel loaded a cargo of Naphtha in Pakistan June 2018 and sailed immedeately thereafter to India. Due to force majeure, engine room explosion, the cargo could not be discharged. The vessel is only now ready to discharge the cargo, however the Indian customs are claiming a 200% tariff on the value of the cargo on account of new custom regulations which came into force in February 2019, long time after the vessel has left Pakistan. Which tariff has to be paid in this case , the old Tariff when signing the bs/l and sailing from Pakistan or the new Tariff, which came into force long time after the bs/l were signed and the vessel oleft Pakistan waters?

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