Terms used in trade such as Turnkey Project ,Turntablist ,U.S. Mainland, Unauthorised, Unbundling,Unconsolidated etc


The terms used in business such as Turnkey Project ,Turntablist ,U.S. Mainland, Unauthorised, Unbundling,Unconsolidated etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Treasury Bond,Trial Offer, TRIPLE NET,Turnkey Project ,Turntablist ,U.S. Mainland, Unauthorised, Unbundling,Unconsolidated etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Treasury Bill:It is a bill of exchange issued by the government of a country to borrow money from the public or organizations.


Treasury Bond - In the US, a long term security issued by the government which pays regular interest.


Treaty of Rome - Treaty, signed in 1957, which inaugurated the European Economic Community, establishing a common market in a variety of products between member states.


Trial Offer - A temporary offer by a company usually aimed at first-time buyers in which a customer can try a product or service free or at discounted rates for a short period of time.


The terms used in  business such as Turnkey Project ,Turntablist ,U.S. Mainland, Unauthorised, Unbundling,Unconsolidated etcTripartite Agreement - An agreement among three parties. For example, the Germany, Italy and Japan Tripartite Pact, signed in 1940, specified the parties that would control Europe and Greater Asia.


TRIPLE NET:Rental type in which the tenant pays rent to the landlord and additionally assumes all costs regarding the operation, taxes and maintenance of the premises and building.


Triple-dip Recession - A recession during which there is are two brief periods of economic growth, each followed by a slide back into recession, before final recovery. See recession shapes.


Troubleshoot - To identify and solve problems which arise in the workplace.


Trust Fund - Property or funds which are legally held in control of a trustee on behalf of an individual or organisation.


Trustafarian - An informal term for a wealthy young person, who gives the appearance of being unemployed and living a Bohemian lifestyle in less than comfortable circumstances, but who is living off a trust fund.


Trustbuster - A government agent whose job is to break up monopolies or corporate trusts under the anti-trust laws.


Trustee - An individual or organisation who is legally responsible for managing the financial affairs or another person or company.


Truth In Lending Act - In the US, a law which protects consumers by requiring companies which offer loans, credit and charge cards, etc., to disclose full information regarding terms and interest rates.


Turd Polishing - Australian equivalent of not being able to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. An engineering term for fixing the defects in a product, process, system, etc., then repeating as new defects appear, rather than re-engineering it with fewer defects.


turnkey contract: immediately. an agreement in which a contractor designs, constructs, and manages a project until it is ready to be handed over to the client and operation can begin he conditions concerning payment for a purchase


Turnkey Project - A project in which a firm agrees to set up an operating plan for a foreign client and hand over the "key" when the plant is fully operational.


Turnover - See Revenue.


Turns or Multiples of EBITDA:  The amount of debt a lender puts into a deal as characterized by the number of years of EBITDA (This affects the price you can expect from a buyer who does leveraged transactions and what others may pay as well.)


Turntablist - A person who uses vinyl records, a turntable of a record player and a DJ mixer all together as an instrument to create sounds.


Twist lock / Verrou tournant :Standardised fastening piece to lock an ITU (Intermodal Transport Unit) onto a ship or the vehicle transporting it.


Tycoon - A wealthy, prominent, successful business person, also referred to as a mogul, magnate, baron ,etc.


Typefaces:Typefaces come in several sized and usually in several fonts (bold, italic, etc.) Courier and Prestige Elite are fixed typefaces and hence they cannot accommodate more letters. Being proportional Time Romans, Palatino, Helvetica and Arial Typefaces accommodate more letters.


Tyre Kicker - A person who appears to be interested in purchasing an item, especially a secondhand car, but has no intention of buying it.


U.S. Mainland - The 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. See also Contiguous United States.


Uberrimae Fieldi:It denotes absolute or utmost good faith. The term is especially applicable to an insurance contract. Every contract of insurance is said to be a contract of uderrimae field. This is so termed because the insured in a contract of insurance must disclose all material facts to the insurers so that they can decide whether to accept or reject the offer for insurance.


UERS :Uniform Education Reporting System. Law that requires LEAs and charter schools to submit data in a specific format. Applies to all data, not just financial data.


UID :Unique ID, assigns a unique NC WISE ID to every Student who participates in the North Carolina public school system. www.ncpublicschools.org/cedars/uniqueid/student/


Ultra Vires - Latin for 'Beyond The Powers'. Legal term which refers to actions or deeds, especially performed by a corporation, that exceed official powers.


Unaccompanied transport / Transport non accompagné :Transportation of a fully roadworthy means of transport by another means of transport (e.g. a train or ferry boat), without the presence of the drive

Unanimous - A complete agreement on a decision or opinion by everyone in a group.


Unauthorised - Without official endorsement or permission.


unbalanced growth: the result when not all sectors of an economy can grow at the same rate.


Unbundling - Dividing a company into separate companies, usually after a takeover, in order to sell some or all of the subsidiaries. Supplying a product, service or equipment in separate components.

unbundling: dividing a company into separate constituent companies, often to sell all or some of them after a takeover.


Uncalled Capital - The value of shares which have been issued by a company but which have not yet been paid for by the shareholders.


uncertainty analysis: a study designed to assess the extent to which the variability in an outcome variable is caused by uncertainty at the time of estimating the input parameters of the study.


Uncertainty Avoidance - The extent to which a society tolerates uncertainty and ambiguity.


Unconsolidated - Describes subsidiary companies whose financial statements, shares, etc., are not included in the parent company's finances.


Uncontested - Without opposition or competition. A lawsuit which is not disputed by the person against whom it has been filed.


Undercut - To sell a product, service, etc., cheaper than the competition.


Undermanned - Describes a company, business, etc., which does not have enough workers to function properly. Understaffed.


Undershoot - To fall short of reaching a goal or target.


Undersubscribed - When a product, service, etc., is not being bought by enough people.


undervalued: used to describe an asset that is available for purchase at a price lower than it is worth.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Treasury Bond,Trial Offer, TRIPLE NET,Turnkey Project ,Turntablist ,U.S. Mainland, Unauthorised, Unbundling,Unconsolidated etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Trade Mark,Trade Secret,Trade War,Trailblazer,Transaction Value,Transfer Deed etc

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