Terms used in shipping such as Sight Draft,Singapore,Single European Act , SINGLE-LINE HAUL


Terms used in shipping such as Sight Draft,Singapore,Single European Act , SINGLE-LINE HAUL etc.




This post explains about terms used in shipping such as Ship's Agent ,Ship's Manifest,Shore,Short-Shipped,SICE,Sight Draft,Singapore,Single European Act , SINGLE-LINE HAUL etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in shipping



Ship's Agent - Person who looks after the interests of a ship while she is in port. His duties include the arranging of pilotage, towage and a berth for the ship, the signing of bills of lading and the collection of freight. The agent is paid a fee, agreed in advance with the shipowner.


Ship's Bells:Measure time onboard ship. One bell sounds for each half hour. One bell means 12:30, two bells mean 1:00, three bells mean 1:30, and so on until 4:00 (eight bells). At 4:30 the cycle begins again with one bell.


Ship's Manifest - A list, signed by the captain of a ship, of the individual shipments constituting the ship's cargo.


Ships Manifest - It is a written instrument, which contains the shipments list comprising the cargo of the vessel.


Ship's Manifest:A statement listing the particulars of all shipments loaded for a specified voyage.


Terms used in shipping such as Sight Draft,Singapore,Single European Act , SINGLE-LINE HAUL etcShip's Manifest:An instrument in writing, signed by the captain of the ship, that lists the individual shipments constituting the ship's cargo.


Ship's Tackle:All rigging, cranes, etc., utilized on a ship to load or unload cargo.


Shipside Delivery:A special cargo handling instruction for cargo to be delivered right away at shipside after discharge.


Shore:A prop or support placed against or beneath anything to prevent sinking or sagging.


Short Form Bill of Lading - Bill of Lading which does not have printed on it the full terms and conditions of the contract of carriage but instead contains a reference to the carrier's conditions, normally stating that a copy is available on request.


Short Sea Shipping -SSS (European-EU):Short Sea Shipping means the movement of cargo by sea between ports situated in geographical Europe or between those ports situated in non-European countries having a coastline on the enclosed seas bordering Europe (Baltic, Mediterranean and Black). It is a successful mode of transport in Europe.


Short Shipment - Part of consignment which has not been shipped in a specific ship, normally because there was insufficient space in the ship or because the goods arrived at the port of loading after the ship has completed loading or has sailed.


Short Supply - Commodities in short supply may be subject to export controls to protect the domestic economy from the excessive drain of scarce materials and to reduce the serious inflationary impact of satisfying foreign demand. Items that the U.S. controls for short supply purposes include petroleum and petroleum products, unprocessed western red cedar, and shipment of horses by sea. The controls are included in the Export Administration Regulations.


Short Ton (ST):2,000 pounds


short ton: A short ton equals 2,000. Lifting capacity and cargo measurements are designated in short tons.


Short-Shipped - It is a term used for cargo manifested but not loaded onto the aircraft.


Short-Shipped:The term used when goods have not arrived as expected, because they were not loaded to Vessel Container or Flight Trailer etc.


Shrink Wrap:Polyethylene or similar substance heat-treated and shrunk into an envelope around several units, thereby securing them as a single pack for presentation or to secure units on a pallet.


Shunt:The short movement of a Container, usually from Port Quayside to a Warehouse, or internally around the dock yard


Shut-out:Cargoes or containers which are not loaded on-board the intended vessel in line with the Shipping Order confirmed with the carrier.


Shut-out:Goods not carried on intended vessel.


SIC - Standard Industrial Classification


SICE - Sistema de Informacion al Comercio Exterior


SIDA - Swedish International Development Authority


Side Loader:A lift truck fitted with lifting attachments operating to one side for handling containers.


Side-Door Container:A container fitted with a rear door and a minimum of one side door.


SIECA - Permanent Secretariat of the General Treaty on Central American Economic Integration


SIFIDA - Societe Internationale Financiere pour les Investissements, et le Developpement en Afrique


Sight Draft:A bill of exchange drawn "at sight" meaning that as soon as the drawee accepts the bill it falls due for payment. See also Bill of Exchange.


Sight Draft:A draft payable upon presentation to the drawee.


SIGHT DRAFT:A draft payable upon presentation to the drawee. (Compare with Date Draft and Time Draft.)


SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Transport and Terminal Operators):Based in London, an industry organization formed in 1979 to promote the exchange of safety information concerning the processing, transporting and handling of liquefied gases such as LNG and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas- typically propane). The organization also develops informational guidelines and bulletins concerning crew training materials and other matters designed to enhance the safe handling and transport of liquefied gases.


SII - Structural Impediments Initiative


SIJORI - Singapor-Johor-Riau Growth Triangle


Sim Sub. - Similar Substitute - ship offered by a shipowner to a charterer as a replacement for the one originally chartered which is similar in respect of the principal characteristics, which include deadweight, capacities and hold and hatch sizes.


SIMIS - Single Internal Market Information Service


Singapore-Jahor-Riau Growth Triangle - SIJORI is a subregional economic grouping composed of the nation of Singapore, the Malaysian State of Johor, and Indonesia's Riau Province.


Single Currency Peg - See: Exchange Rate Classifications.


Single European Act - The SEA, which entered into force in July 1987, was the first significant revision of the Treaty of Rome. The SEA provides the legal and procedural support for achievement of the single European Market by 1992. The SEA revised the EEC Treaty and, where not already provided for in the Treaty, majority decisions were introduced for numerous votes facing the Council of Ministers, particularly those affecting establishment of the single European Market and the European financial common market. The role of the European Parliament was strengthened; decisions on fiscal matters remained subject to unanimity.


Single Internal Market Information Service - SIMIS, operated by the Commerce Department's International Trade Administration, provides information, assistance, and advice on how to do business in the European Community's internal market. Telephone: 202-482-5276.


SINGLE-LINE HAUL:Shipment over one railroad


Sistema de Informacion al Comercio Exterior - SICE (English: Foreign Trade Information System) is a databank which provides foreign trade information to the public and private sectors of member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS). The System includes information on the U.S. import and export markets, markets of other OAS member countries, and trade information on the European Community and Japan.


The above details describes about terms called in shipping such as Ship's Agent ,Ship's Manifest,Shore,Short-Shipped,SICE,Sight Draft,Singapore,Single European Act , SINGLE-LINE HAUL etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in shipping business below this post.Terms used in shipping such as Shipping Mark,Shipping Weigh,Shipping Weight,Ships, Shipment

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